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Young Guns Wild West Fun Park 2012 Bookings Starting Early

Long title, I know.

We are ecstatically pleased that we have already been approached by several fairs for new and re-booking contracts in 2012! This is both surprising and a good affirmation that we are on the right path. We’ve made improvements along the road this year that have really made the attractions more professional and enjoyable for the visitors at the fairs we’ve attended.

One of the hardest concepts to accept in this business, you basically start from scratch every year. You have to market to find new bookings. The food business we could trust that we would be allowed to return the next year if we chose. In this business, that is not a given.

We work really hard to make the attraction a success both for the fair and for the families that visit. I credit Hilary with the knowledge and insight from years of working with children to understand the attractions that would engage the children while providing the parents a place that is both free and contained for their kids to enjoy the sights and sounds of the fair without causing them a heart attack or breaking the piggy bank.

If things continue, we would like to relocate our home base somewhere in the Rocky Mountains to be more centrally located to the summer fairs we like to work. There is, however, the possibility we can expand into the Northwest and farther south into Texas (Texas, cowboys, and a Wild West Fun Park- almost like we meant it that way).

That would be about as far as we would want to stretch for the next two years. The travel logistics are still the biggest financial expense we have in this business. With the motorhome and the trailer we get a whopping 6 miles per gallon! One thought we’ve been discussing is to sell the 34′ Bounder (Boy, we love it though!) and buy a small Class B Van Camper we can use a few days at a time while on the road that would give us about 15 mpg instead of 6 mpg. It’s a big deal at $3.80 per gallon! But remember, we are a family of four and nobody is getting any smaller (sadly that includes me.)

We are very thankful and fortunate to have such good friends in the entertainment business to help guide us and wonderful patrons at the fairs. After only a year, we do not take any contract for granted! When you work only four months per year, every contract is important and, in a way, a gift. We truly appreciate the trust and confidence fairs have placed in us to provide a great attraction for the families with children under 10.

We will attend two conventions November and hope to have our 2012 calendar flushed out before the new year. It may take a few more months to wrap up all the contracts but so far- things are looking great!

Next- how to as do as little as possible on a Sailboat in Mexico! (who am I kidding! There’s always so many things to do, who wants to lounge around and drink Margarita’s all day?)

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