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Young Guns in Las Vegas

We are currently in Las Vegas working our second convention to market our Young Guns Wild West Fun Park to fairs for the 2011 summer season. This convention is has a very different look and feel than the convention in Missoula, MT we attended just a few weeks ago.

The Missoula convention was much more intimate. This convention is much more of a trade show format. We have a 8×10 booth to strut our stuff and we are subject to the whims of the crowds as they wander through.

We drove up a day early and got lucky and scored a free timeshare room from my Uncle Larry directly across from the convention center. While it’s only about an 8 hour drive, with the kids it makes for a long day.

It’s a short convention for us as exhibitors, but standing all day and then taking turns wrangling the kids leaves Hilary and I exhausted by the end. We’ve all been fighting the “gunk” since leaving Missoula. It seems like I’m on the mend but Hil is sinking deeper into sickness. The kids are somewhere in between with nasty throaty wet coughs and the added bonus of Charley suffering through her 4 back teeth poking through which requires almost constant doses of Tylenol to keep her from being a persistent wailing mess.

We won’t know right away, but this convention looks like it may yield fruit. This is our last attempt this year to market the Fun Park and any holes in the schedule we’ll have to fill with donut bookings.

Las Vegas is simply no fun if you’re broke. We’ve been so busy that despite having a kitchen in our sweet suite, we’ve been forced to order horrible take out that tastes like frozen food and buy outrageously priced food from semi fast food restaurants that spent all their money on the decor and not the kitchen. Chalk it up to the cost of doing business.

We have one more day to go and themed head back to Tucson and then shortly there after San Carlos, Mexico.

You know an ICE COLD draft beer in Mexico is a very affordable price of approximately $1.25! Click Here to Buy Us a Beer.

1 comment to Young Guns in Las Vegas

  • Ceal Potts

    Hey there-
    Vegas is a rough place to get good food on a budget. I wish I would have looked at your post sooner, I’ve got a few cheap haunts with yummy yields I could have shared.
    We continue to read your posts. Thanks for the “Recent Books” section on your site. I’ve read a few, and here’s a suggestion for you: “Deep Economy” by Bill McKibben. Great book. There’s a line in there that in short recognizes the fact that gaining wealth and happiness increases at a proportional rate until around $10K…after that as wealth continues upward, the happiness curve tends to flatten out.
    Get back to the boat! :-) Happy Holidays.
    Ceal and Kevin