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Young Guns Gets Rave Reviews

We’ve finished two shows and started our third fair today in Bozeman, MT. So far we’ve gotten rave reviews from parents (and the kids) for the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park. We have three more shows back to back and then the Utah State Fair before the end of the season but things are getting better every show.

The travel has been expensive with gas prices averaging $3.69 between North Dakota and Montana. Our next leg will be exhausting with a trip to Big Piney, WY and then I drive back to Butte, MT to work a seperate show. Then I pack up and drive back to Big Piney to break down Hil and hit the road again for the next show.

We are located inside a pavilion in Bozeman and it is a nice change from outside in the heat. We are set up on concrete in the middle of the building around kid friendly vendors and activities. Our 40×40′ setup plus another 10′ behind the fun park really fills out there building. We are enjoying the brief respite from the heat being inside as well.

We’ve been steadily making improvements including new banners to the front entrance of the fun park
I have a long list of potential upgrades we can make to the attraction but it is working smoothly right now and should only get better as we get faster setting up and breaking down the attraction every day.

Compared to the food concession business, this is a significant improvement for me personally. Hil didn’t participate much with the donut booth because she was watching the kids. Now she is the principle and I maintain, help set up and break down, and spell her during the day for a break. We put in comparable hours to the donut booth but the work load isn’t as brutal and we know how much we are going to make before the event starts.

The second setup has been hugely more expensive to complete than I anticipated and we way overspent to get everything completed compared to what I budgeted at the beginning of the season. We are still in debt up to this show but start seeing black by the next show excluding food and gas.

We are on the fence about working this winter if we can. It would be nice to get a jump on some kind of savings. We’ll see how the rest of the season goes.

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