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Young Guns Fun Park Big Success!

We wrapped our first fair in Williston, ND on the 26th of June (2011) to a very favorable response! After driving the 1900 miles from Tucson too get there we worked five days without any major problems while being visited from a thousand or more children and their parents in the Fun Park.

We’ve left Williston, ND for Missoula, MT where we have some boat friends that we will stay with until the next show. Gas prices are ridiculous here at $3.89 a gallon and only marginally better in Montana with the lowest we’ve seen at $3.59 so far. It’s costing us between $200 to $220 for a tankful which only gets us about 350 miles down the road.

For the trip to Missoula, we will spend about $400 and another $200 to get back up to Chinook, MT for our next event.

I have a lot of workto complete before we are ready to head out but the girls are having a great time here. Frank and Cheryl have five acres in Frenchtown outside Missoula at the of some federal forest land and there’s wild flowers, deer, birds, horses, and all kinds of things for the kids to play with.


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2 comments to Young Guns Fun Park Big Success!

  • I love that photo of the girls with Cheryl.
    How wonderful is Water World with all the people in it.
    It’s truly a beautiful photo.
    Hi to Frank and Cheryl and to you all.
    Sad news out of SC is that Doug and Trish lost their boat 600 miles off the coast of San Diego, en route to Hawaii.
    Rudder/leak problem.
    They are safe.
    So sad about their boat. It was their home.

    Great to see the Young Guns doing well.
    What a fantastic idea.
    I know that when I was young, I loved things like that.

    I’m winding up my act here in Japan.
    Heading out around the 20th to Thailand for a few weeks and then rendevouzing for a new life, via Vienna, down into the Balkans, Greece, winding up in Turkey, so that I can close my window there.
    Great to catch up with you via the blog.


  • trenton wann

    JC and Fam.
    Lost your email when computer crashed so letting you know thru this site.
    Was a thread on VIVA SAN CARLOS that Ka Em Te sank on their way to Oregon. Trisha and Doug were with their sons, and were picked up by a freighter on it’s way to Hawaii. They made it there ok and are flying back to Oregon. All are OK
    Thought you would like to know

    Please send me an email so I have your email address thanks
    Trenton and Barbara