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Wrapping up the Young Guns Season

It’s been a busy two months on the road. Hil and I each worked 4 fairs and we were supposed to be able to work the last fair together in Hamilton, Mt. Unfortunately, Hil hurt her back in Douglas, Wy at the Wyoming State Fair on the last day. She’s been in Jackson, Wy recuperating. I have the girls in Hamilton, Mt at the Ravalli Co Fair on the last day.

The girls have been great. We park the Sprinter Van behind the Fun Park and the girls can play and take a break in the van as they please. Even Charley at 2 1/2 is being well behaved beyond the expected pre-nap melt down. Emma makes friends easy and everyone that comes into the Wild West Fun Park is her new best friend. Many of the children have animals in the 4h program and Emma has been able to get up close and personal with some sheep and goats.

Some friends we met in Mexico came out to visit in Hamilton the other day. It’s so much fun to see our Mexican expat buddies here in the states. We can reminisce about cheap beer and fresh fish tacos.

We anticipate the beginning of the work season and then count the days until we’re done working. The days are long and the a LOT of driving involved but it’s good work and we both enjoy the interaction with the children and the communities we visit.

We have about a week to put the two trailers and the Landcruiser to bed somewhere before we fly to Maryland for our annual fall family visit. We’ll be in the Gaithersburg area for about 6 weeks before we head back to the Rockies for our November Conventions. Hil will be able to visit her parents upstate while I focus on writing.

We decided we needed to add another stream of income to our little micro-corp. The Young Guns is great but we need to grow it a little more and we need some income insurance just in case we don’t secure the necessary contracts per year in the future. We met the wonderful family in La Paz on s/v Del Viento (see link on right column) and the father, Michael, writes magazine articles and offered some helpful pointers. As a result, I have some ideas I would like to pursue including short e-book “quick start” guides on topics we’ve encountered over the years that might help folks make some educated decision before jumping into the deep end. What kind of topics, you ask? Living on a sailboat, living in a foreign country, starting a food concession business, building a food concession trailer, living on seasonal employment…we have a lot of fodder for the mill.

I feel a little embarrassed and nervous about writing. The blog is a rough cut, one pass edit, “hey, we’re still alive” portal mainly for family and friends. I have never invested the energy or time in serious copy editing. We’ll see very soon if I can polish the gems from the rubble.

Sorry we haven’t posted sooner. We started a new website for the Young Guns Fun Park and I’ve been able to upload all the WANTED posters we take at the fairs for the families to download in color. It’s a nice perk I think, but it takes a bit of work. We also started a Young Guns Fun Park Facebook page which mirrors the blog posts. Beyond the 10 hour work days and the long travel days in between there just hasn’t been much time to even think about anything other than the near future.

One more day and our season is done. What then? More driving, of course.

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