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Wirelessly Upload Your Photos to your Blog, Facebook, and more…

Everyone know a picture paints a thousand words. In the blogosphere it really helps to add a pertinent picture to your posts but it can be a real pain to simultaneously have a camera handy AND be thinking about content for a blog post.

Most of the time I might have the camera handy, but I don’t necessarily have the time to download the photo, size it for the internet, upload it and then write the post.

A friend of mine suggested I look at Eye-Fi to wirelessy upload the photos from my camera to as many as 25 websites online or straight to my home computer via a wi-fi connection. It’s pretty incredible really. The wireless transmitter doubles as the SD card. You can get various size memory cards that will all transmit the photos via a wi-fi connection to your home computer or sites like facebook, flikr, picasa, apple, snapfish, smug mug, and more.

They have several plans and memory sizes for SD cards. I think I’m leaning toward the 2gb SD card with the webshare feature that automatically upload the photos to my facebook, wordpress, apple, kodak gallery, and picasa accounts. The card costs about $60 and $9.95 per year for the auto web share uploads. The first year is free with the purchase.

If you like social networking and taking photos has always been a pain to upload- take a serious look at Eye-Fi

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