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Windsurfing Safari in La Paz

We have some time here in La Paz while we’re waiting on parts from the States. So we decided to put out the word that we were looking for a cheap beginner windsurfing rig that we could play with on the beach. Just south of La Paz is La Ventana, a well know kite boarding and windsurfing beach, I thought for sure we could find something being so close to a world class windsurfing spot.

Just by a luckily encounter we met some folks on paddle boards who were from La Ventana on the beach in front of the malecon where our boat was anchored. John said he knew some folks and we exchanged information with the promise of an email with some information. Lo and behold, he found a windsurfing rig for us- they even delivered it to La Paz!

Sight unseen, we bought an older JP funster 180 litre windsurfing board with a 4.1m sail. This is not your old school surfboard kind of board, this sucker is short but WIDE. The description on the internet said even a beginner will be cruising in three hours. The board certainly isn’t new but for the $190 we paid for the whole setup I can’t complain.

We spent the whole day on the little beach by the boat. A neighbor in the anchorage let me use his older longboard a few times before that with a little instruction. He gave me a beginning windsurfing book to read that was helpful. But, sure enough, even with light winds I was sailing and tacking and jibing with only intermittent gaffs in the water. Hil tried it and was able to stand and jibe in very light winds right away. Even Emma had a good time riding the board like a surfboard.

Between the Kayak, the beach toys, the windsurfing rig, the snorkeling gear, the fishing gear, the beach rotisserie, and the mother ship we should be able to hang out in a nice cove for a week or more with out moving and still keep the whole fan entertained.

We really enjoy spending a few weeks out gunk holing then coming into a port to anchor off the boardwalk with the sights and sounds of civilization (no matter how small), but it’s above our pay grade full time. With the prospect of returning to La Paz a few months a year for the kids, I’m really torn between the desire to hermit crab up in some desolate anchorage weeks at a time and putting the kids in school so close to “the big city”.

I’m as much the problem as anything. If left unattended, I sure can spend some money- all in the name of repair, maintenance, or business mind you. But idle hands are certainly the devils work in my case. At least with the toys, I can spend time on the water away from the allure of the local ferreteria’s (hardware stores) and Marine chandlery’s.

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