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We’ve been SPOT’ted

The Grandparents weren’t too happy with us last year when we spent five weeks in the Bay of Conception on the Baja without any communication. It’s understandable. Who wouldn’t be concerned with nary a phone call, email, or text message in five weeks?

The problem is there is no internet or cell towers within 15 miles of the bay of conception (readily accessible). I had to catch a ride to Mulege, the closest town to the Bay of Conception, for provisions and for me to find an internet cafe, pay for some internet time, lug the computer around with me, and still catch a ride back makes it tough.

Not so anymore!

We’ve been SPOT’ted! Yes indeed. When we owned an airplane in a previous life, we had a little device called SPOT which allowed me to send a simple predetermined check-in message to a predetermined group via satellite transmission. That meant that even flying at 8,000 ft, I could send Hil and Family a short predetermined message to let family know I was OK.

Fast forward three years and the same company now has a device called SPOT CONNECT. This nifty little device (maybe three inches square) connects to a smartphone or iPod,iPad via bluetooth and you can send both predetermined messages OR custom messages up to 40 characters long anywhere where you have a clear view of the sky!

WOW! In the middle of the Sea of Cortez we should be able to send a message to friends and family letting them know we are OK.

Also, the email includes a link to a Google Map that shows the location of the transmission (SMS to cell phones does not).

PLEASE NOTE: There is a new BUTTON on the top of the blog labeled, SATELLITE LOCATION. This is a Google map of the most recent messages we’ve sent. You can follow us any time by clicking on that link.

I’m working on a way to be able to post the short (40 character) messages on the blog so it is updated whenever we are sailing but I have not mastered that arcane technology to date (I haven’t really put the much effort into it frankly).

We did a test and it worked OK but haven’t really put it to the test yet. More feedback as we use the SPOT CONNECT device this winter.

Look for updates as we sail the Sea of Cortez!

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