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We’re at the Tipping Point- right over the mental edge

Hil and I are returning from our second fair this season.  In a week we each separately hit the road for a solid month.  That’s it- done.  A years income complete.

Ughh, that’s what’s stressing me out!

We are shooting to submit all the applications for the microbrewery before we hit the road to give them time to percolate. The Federal TTB Brewer’s Permit Application currently has a 100 day average lead time before approval.  Montana State is pretty quick with their alcohol license but the County can take 6 weeks or more to review the Environmental Health Application.  I also am required to apply for a wholesale food manufacturing license through the state, which thankfully ties in pretty well with the environmental health application.

I’ve resorted, for a variety of reasons, to hire a local architect who has experience with permitting breweries and dealing with Darby.  I also am using a lawyer to register the S Corp for the brewery and complete all the organizational documents.  Both of which is costing more than expected (like 400% more).  Full disclosure- the professional fees have revealed areas that I would have been in turn around and I fully expect an architects stamp on the drawings will expedite the permitting process here in Darby.  He is also understanding and willing to stretch the payment out and take some beer barter for his services.

We are building the microbrewery out of cash.  SO- we get as far as we can then NO MAS!  It’ll be touch and go to get the brewery open by December.  It’s a race.  If I can get the brewery open this fall, we can start taking in revenue, and from all accounts, we should need to consider expansion within as little as 2 months!  If I play/plan/luck out right we will start bringing in cash right as we hit zero in the bank accounts.

But it’s a little nerve racking.

To a degree, the ship has left port on this project.  The locals are very excited.  People are coming up to us all the time asking about the brewery.  Without an ounce produced, the local ski resort is interested in having a keg on tap.  We already have offers to be the first in the mug club (mug club?  I hadn’t even thought of that!).  This is a case where the hype is driving the reality.

My BIG financial concern is the commercial contractors I will be required to hire to build out the brewery.  We intentionally designed the brewery to have the ABSOLUTE LEAST construction/modification possible to be able to stretch the budget and get the door open.  I still am required to hire a commercial electrician and plumber to complete the work.  The framing should be quick and affordable.

If we do manage to get the doors open this fall- it will be bare bones!

So I have a week to complete 4 applications, finish building out our new Young Guns Wild West Fun Park setup, test and rehearse the Rodeo Roundup, and get everything repacked and ready to hit the road.

I admit to being a little overwhelmed.

I’ll try to upload pictures of the floor plan when we’re ready.

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2 comments to We’re at the Tipping Point- right over the mental edge

  • Sounds stressful, but also appealing. Excited for you guys, you’re living one of my dreams. All the best. Michael

  • Wow! Y’all have been busy!! It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by. Can’t wait to come up and sample the yummy beer. Keep on trucking, my friend, and we will clink cervezas sometime in the not so distant future.
    Ceal and Kevin