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WARNING- Don’t try this at home…

I have this (unfounded) belief that you can overcome the mediocrity of the world by being present and gently nudging the concerned parties to meet your specific level of excellence- or at least a degree of acceptablence (maybe that should be a new word).  The cost for those that wish to change the course of mediocrity is time and massive  amounts of energy.  The alternative is lot’s of money- but I don’t have that so I’m stuck with the inhuman and inexhaustible commitment of time and energy.

Minutes, hours, days, and weeks slip by one after another as I put my head down and proceed to check off, one by one, construction tasks like a child reciting the alphabet.  Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, concrete, paint and drywall- I’m here present and accounted for…

We’re making progress- big progress! With the massive (free) contribution of labor by Marcus and Christina, our summers most awesome 3rd crew for Young Guns (who are currently biking across America and you can visit their website here… ,we put in around 60 hours painting and installing old barn metal on the ceiling 17’off the ground- boy those stilts can really give you a bad rash after awhile (kidding, we had a donated scissor lift for beer barter from the electrician- beer is power!)   We brewed a celebratory beer before they left that sadly (for them) they aren’t here to enjoy.

We primed and painted the inside of the building.  I cut out a new door for the brewery entrance.  I cut the concrete slab for the plumbing rough-in, then filled it with concrete after the plumber did his thing.  I trimmed out and fixed some windows that had some deep seated carpentry issues.  We resurfaced the existing concrete to take off the top layer of grease and grime.  I installed a 9’x18′ walk-in cooler, framed out a restroom, plumbed drain and supply rough in with the plumber, installed the new (used) entry door, and cleaned up and started getting all the fixtures at least in the right place for final installation.

Bandit brewery buildout


The down side- We are very close to hitting zero financially.  We listed our 1995 Toyota Landcruiser on craigslist (I love that vehicle) and we are prepared to sell the 18′ bumper trailer we are currently residing as we build.  I also want to sell two of our 12’x6′ single axle trailers from Young Guns but those are longer shots than the other items.

Here’s the wacky part-please don’t try this at home!

I’m trying to double dip and build out the “dwelling unit” at the same time as building out the brewery.  Trust me- it’s INSANE!  DON’T DO THIS!….But…I really need the money from selling the trailer to finish the “dwelling unit” and I kinda need it NOW.  But (catch-22) I need a place for my little family of four to reside when we sell the trailer.  But I need to sell the trailer to buy the materials to finish building the “dwelling unit”.  But if I sell the camper we won’t have a place to reside (i.e.- sleep).  The good news, we have a working toilet, shower, hot water, and the insulation is completed.  OK, our electricity is limited to a 20amp extension strung out over 200′ until the panel is wired and tied into the main building- but I never did mind the little things (american version of La Femme Nakita).

I’m ignoring all logic and trusting pure stubborn diligence to overcome all aspect of logic and reason.  If I work hard enough, everything will be OK.  Yup, insane- told you.

So, a little recap, I think we could just barely hit zero and finish the brewery but without money to buy grain and hops to brew.  Certainly not enough money to finish the brewery (which can bring in $$) and the “dwelling unit”.

Sacrifices must be made.  I work to the level of exhaustion or near bodily injury, whichever comes first.  There are some thankful breaks waiting on providers (plumbers, electricians, etc…) that I can take a half day to breather a little.  I hired some locals to install the insulation in the house (I know, “dwelling unit” was getting tedious- but there’s a long and unbelievable story behind that) and it cost me a itch-less $260 for 26 hours of work which probably could’ve been done in about 15 with much less waste- but I’m not Mr. Scratch and Sniff allergy pox boy; So maybe it’s worth the extra cash to have someone else die a slow death from working with a necessary but evil building material?

What to do, WHAT TO DO?  My scheming and clever mind (think evil genius kind of character smiling notoriously) has come up with several options that do not involve drugs or prostitution (whew!  I look terrible in a thong).  We could pre-sell MUG CLUB memberships to raise the $3,000 ish dollars needed to bridge the financial hurdle.  We could offer a private home-brew club with monthly dues that included drinking lot’s of beer.  Ok, that’s my short list.  We have some leads on the Landcruiser and Camper, maybe I should focus on that…

ALL SNOT LOST (yup-meant that).  DO NOT PANIC!  I’m not really sure why not, but things play out like they should.  This is the hard work and faith portion of the show.  There’s so many super awesome wonderful astounding things that have happened that could hardly be just luck recently that you almost have to play the hand your dealt.  Kinda like watching a crappy B movie to the end just to see all those idiots die horribly.  OK, maybe not just like that.

We got options.  I have boundless energy and stamina.  I will bend the outcome to my will.  Besides, I got beer.

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