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Waiting for Baby

Not exactly doldrums, we are waiting patiently for baby to make her grand entrance any time now.

I’m back in St. Simons with Hil and Emma James.  My Dad drove out from Arizona to help out with Emma.  I’m still hustling around to make a buck before we head west for the winter.  Remodeling, Yard Sales, Ebay, Craigslist, Fairs, Festivals, you name it- I’m particularly focused on anything that can put more bucks into the exodus fund.

Hil and the baby are healthy but she is ready.  Emma James suspects something is up and she is particularly clingy lately.

The song remains the same.  We aim to head west to Tucson come mid December pending healthy baby and momma.  A ‘supposedly’ restful holiday through New Years and come January I head to Mexico to clean the boat and prep for tres familia. A lovely 4 months in San Carlos, Mexico on the boat with intermittent baby doc visits in Tucson before we start the fair festival caravan across the country coming to a town near you!

We are low on cash.  Much lower than I hoped to be by now.  Things have come up.  The donut machine has eaten into our cash but it also has provided us with a much clearer plan for work next year.  I broke down and bought a 6×12 pace trailer.  Trying to fit all the donut equipment and remodeling tools into the back of the Suburban seemed spatially impossible.  The cost of a U-haul rental trailer both now and another to Arizona added up to about the same price as buying a trailer now.  I picked one up for a good price, added new tires, and we’re all set.  I’m putting this purchase in the asset column.  We’ll plan on selling it come spring and using that cash towards a toy hauler or travel trailer.

No point worrying too much about the future, it unfolds in front of us.  I’ll be carrying my tools and the donut machine equipment to Arizona.  There may be income opportunities that I can take advantage of to either add to the fund or at least mitigate current expenses.

I am confident that no matter what arises, we will have a place to lay our heads and a loving family around us.

Sometimes you take a journey and sometimes the journey takes you.

-Me (paraphrased from someone else who said it)

While we have a normal (what ever that is…) level of anxiety, a little fear, and intermittent spontaneous breakouts of nervous babbling and wimpering- looking back over my shoulder the future looks a lot more rosy than the past.  While there ‘may’ be more certainty (note:  I did not say security) in following a more traditional path than the comparatively left field road we are on now, the future would undoubtedly be much narrower and positively much less colorful.

I have historically been a risk taker- but a calculated risk taker.  Even after analyzing all the 8×10 color photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back (a nod to Arlo Guthrie and ‘Alice’s Restaurant’) the math tells me it just doesn’t make sense to go back to the mainstream to be assimilated back into the masses.  I would be trading a visage of sanity and security for a lifetime of internment building a small scale ‘true to life’ model of the US economy with the exception that I can’t print money.

Nope, I’d rather go to zero and hit the reset button and start over.  Uncomfortable for certain, but then again- there’s a lot of upside potential!

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4 comments to Waiting for Baby

  • Damon

    All the best during your waiting. Enjoy it, ‘cuz as you know, it doesn’t last.

  • big cheese


    We’re practicing for baby already. Hil is to the point in the pregnancy where she looks like she swallowed a basketball and she’s not real comfortable (who would be). She’s at the stage where she’s ready for the delivery anytime but sooner would be better than later kinda thing.

  • Davina and Matt

    Sending wishes for a healthy and speedy delivery!!! Babies are being born and conceived all around us right now in Atlanta. Looks like we will be heading south towards the Florida Keys the weekend after Thanksgiving. Lots of family to fit in between now and then. Look forward to hearing more news from your homefront!

  • big cheese

    That’s great news. It’s also simultaneously very exciting and scary. It’s a very different thing to plan plan plan and then to actually ‘do’ evokes a totally different set of skills.

    Perfect time of year in the Keys!

    Remember to keep your sense of humor and give yourself a break and not criticize yourself too much. The first few months will be the hardest and then day to day life on a boat will seem very natural.

    Good for you.