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‘Tweener Time

We can spend up to six months living on our boat in Mexico (as per the tourist visa) but then we have to come back and go to work to earn enough for the next sailing season.  We don’t have a lot of back history to speak authoritatively but our summer season so far consists of about 4 months from late June to mid September with a couple of big breaks in between.

What do we do with the time when we are not in Mexico and when we are not on the road?

Everything else.

We’re creeping up on week three since we’ve returned from Mexico.  Hil has made the semi-annual trip east to visit her folks, sister and friends we’ve left behind who haven’t seen her or the kids maybe since birth.  I stay behind and organize six months worth of mail, check on healthcare, insurance, bank accounts, tax stuff, and implement our plan of attack that we leisurely developed while floating at anchor sipping margarita’s during the winter.

If anything this month before leaving is the most frenetic of our whole season.  Once we hit the road, there’s nothing left to do but the crying.

I learned a very valuable maxim while in school at Georgia Tech in the Architecture department where we used to work round the clock for days on end to make project deadlines.

Work expands to fill the available time.

That means if you have six months to prepare, it will take you six months.  If you have one month to do the same tasks, it will take you one month.  It sounds unreasonable but true.

Thus we somehow manage to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time because I would rather work my butt off for one month in Tucson than cut short our water world time in Mexico.

With a little over one week left before our ideal departure date we have been steadily checking off the TO DO list.  The days blur together and a Tuesday is about the same as a Sunday.

I get antsy during ‘tweener time.  I’m ready to go despite the long list of tasks ahead.  It’s like limbo land.  Lot’s of planning and prep with little action.  If I get it right the season will flow smoothly and before you know it we’ll be back in Mexico on the boat, pockets flush with pesos.  If I get it wrong it will be a hard and frustrating (if not educational) 4 months.

I’m lucky though.  Because of my background managing construction projects large and small, the logistics and planning are not unfamiliar.  Due to my industrial design and architecture background, the deconstruction of the mother lode of work into bite sized tasks makes an insurmountable objective palatable.

This has truly been a case where we have built on our past.  It has taken both Hil and my combined adult experiences to pull together the Wild West Fun Park to (so far) successfully build and market the event.  I don’t think we could have accomplished this apart.

We’ve been poaching space at my Dad’s house for ‘tweener time.  He has a nice two car driveway with a garage full of tools (and I mean FULL of tools) that we pull out and use to build, maintain, and repair everything from the vehicles, donut trailer, entertainment props, and we tap into his internet to work on all the business stuff.  He gets to play with the grandkids for his troubles.  He seems to think it’s worth it.  The long term plan is to save, save, save and then find a hangar, or warehouse space we can rent for cheap annually (or buy eventually) to house the trailers, motorhome, props, and miscellaneous items.  Where we land still remains to be seen.

We’re still a few years away from that.

Time to get back to work.  My coffee is gone and the last of my excuses.  Today I sand and route all the new props we’ve cut out before starting the painting process.  It’ll be a dusty day in the 100 deg plus heat wearing big mickey mouse hearing protectors while being glazed in sawdust.  Still, I’d rather be here than sitting in a cube office with recycled air and an artificial sun.

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1 comment to ‘Tweener Time

  • The school office has just been ‘cubiclised’. We have new owners at the school. People are quitting left, right and centre in the office, and I think these ‘walls’ will bring on more quitting.
    I made a joke that they could start keeping rabbits in their cubicles. I am also going to quit before too long. This has been an interesting experiment in comparing work life with Water World, and in bringing on change via mistakes made and understood, to the degree that the end result should pretty much be one that has success written all over it.
    I admire the life you all lead and can’t wait to see you again in the fall.