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The Winds of Change follow Patience and Persistence

When you take a leap of faith and step out into the unknown you can go a long stretch without any validation or signs that you’re on the right path.  With patience and persistence the winds of change slowly put the wind at your back and the world aligns at least for a little while.

While waiting in Georgia for Charley to arrive, I felt lost.  As if our momentum had stalled and all of the sudden we were waiting for the last train to Clarksville.  We filled our time productively.  There is never a lack of things to do to when closing doors to the past and preparing for new ones to open.

It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ you can acquire over the years.  We sorted, donated, sold, and trashed as much of our possessions in storage at the St. Simons house as we could and yet- there still is more to go through.  This wasn’t the first time we’ve gone through this process either.  Maybe next year.

I collected and sold as many items as practical on ebay, craigslist, and user group sites.  All in all it added another grand to the kitty to get us to the Quartzsite show.

I planned (as productive as planning can be sometimes) out our finances to get us to the show in Quartzsite- but that’s about all we had.  While a little risky putting all your eggs in one basket, sometimes you’ve got to go for it and hope to double down.  The Quartzsite RV show seemed like our best bet on filling the bread basket in January to kick start our new donut enterprise.

Good friends of ours surprised us individually and without collusion with early Christmas gifts of cash and visa cards.  Nature abhors a vacuum and it seems good friends see a need and they fill it.  This little ‘bump’ made the trip to Arizona a little more comfortable emotionally knowing we weren’t right up against the financial wall.

Once in Tucson, I listed the trailer I built to haul the Gemini across country on Craigslist for sale.  The trailer was built with such a specific purpose I didn’t really have much hope of getting much for it, but it was costing us about $50 per month just to store.  With the burn rate it wouldn’t be long before we doubled our investment if I just didn’t dump the trailer.

Once again, fate/nature gave us a nod and we sold it to the one family that needed this exact trailer for just about my investment.

Our temporary resting place with my father is a little crowded for all.  My father has been a good egg about it and relishes the time with his two grand daughters.  There is the potential for friction and I honestly admit we long for a ‘home’ (whatever that may look like) of our own again.  We hope to save enough from shows through April to buy ‘something’ (motorhome, travel trailer, toyhauler?) that will shelter us as we start the summer season traveling to fairs and festivals across the country.

We knew this year we would get limited time on the boat in San Carlos, Mexico.  This year is more about putting things in motion than reaping fruit.  Once again patience and persistence are critical to fulfilling our dream.  We hope to drink from the well in February and spend as much of a month on the boat as practical to re-invigorate our spirits before prepping the boat for storage until we return in November.

If the boat survived this long without falling apart, she can wait another season until we return.  That’s the lovely thing about this Gemini.  With an outboard engine, it’s very easy to work on and the shallow draft make it manageable to keep clean.  I knew when we bought the boat it needed some TLC, hence the low sales price.  But the work needed is nothing we haven’t done before on our previous boat.

On a final note, we’ve been fortunate that our vision for our lives is rooted in experiences, not in possessions.  I don’t want to sound all Buddha zen like and suggest we all renounce our worldy possessions.  Frankly I could care less, what size anchor you drag behind you.  But I have noted that if you set your expectations on a specific outcome you’ll likely be disappointed.  It’s like sailing, we have a final destination but we can’t necessarily head directly toward the destination.  As the winds change we tack still making forward progress but along a different path.  It may not be ‘exactly’ how we expected things would turn out, but we’re still making forward progress.

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