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The Travelling Donut Wagon Heads to Utah

In a panic we finished the trailer as best possible before we basically ‘threw’ everything leftover in the motorhome and the suburban to head out for Springville, Utah for our first show of the season. We were really cutting it tight. The show opened on a Wednesday night and It was Tuesday around 1:30 pm before we hit the road.

It’s a 730 ish mile drive and ‘should take about 13 hours. With kids you can throw that number out the window. 16 plus hours is more likely. We hit the road and made it all the way up to Phoenix (less than 2 hours away) before the trailer blew a tire. It took me awhile to change it because the bottle jack we had was too big to fit under the trailer and fully loaded it weighs close to 3,000 lbs I’m guessing. With a little ingenuity and a fair amount of desperation, I worked it out and we headed straight for a tire shop trying to make it there before 6pm.

A side note, the day we left Tucson, Az the temperature hit 108 degrees F. Changing the tire on the interstate in Phoenix was like stepping into an oven!

We got a great 8 ply tire load rating D (the only one they had) and I’ll need to upgrade tires down the road for the other two. The ‘new’ tires I got for the trailer in GA are only 2 ply tires and really can’t handle the load. The tread is good, but I’m really pushing the tire.

On the road again by 7 ish pm. We hit a cool little cafe/saloon on the way to Flagstaff and had dinner (and to let the temp cool down). We figured it would be easier to drive through the night as long as we could with the kids asleep than during the day when we have to stop every other hour.

The Suburban and the motorhome both did a great job trucking up and down the hills heading toward the Grand Canyon. Sadly, I figured out the motohome was getting about 6 miles to the gallon and the Suburban with the trailer about 12 miles to the gallon. Fuel is our most significant expense in these long hauls.

Exhausted we stopped before hitting the Utah state line for about 4 hours of sleep in the motorhome. That’s one of the benefits of having a ‘mobile’ home- every stop and you can sleep in your very own bed.

We drove through Utah passing some truly beautiful country and slightly dazed and confused made it into Springville in time to get our health permit and barely make it to the site for check in for the day.

This is our longest leg in our entire summer trek. In total, we spent about $520 in fuel to get here and it took us about 27 hours including our flat tire and 4 hour sleep break.

There are still some kinks to be worked out with the booth and we’re all too tired to setup for the Carnival’s family dollar night, but I’ll have all day Thursday to get setup and work things out.

Let the games begin…

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