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The slow progression of change…

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Emma is 11 months old tomorrow. We are slowly consolidating 3.5 houses worth of furniture, books, and a lot of ‘stuff’. We will have a whale of a yard sale at the end of the month with all the extras that we can’t fit in this house.

A wise man once told me, “It takes one year to start or stop any ONE thing”. I can take that to heart. As I try to ‘unwind’ the real estate mess and get to a baseline, there really isn’t any time to actually look for a job until this is sorted out. I frankly don’t understand how people with 9-5 jobs can handle the daily tasks of living. It’s almost a full time hob just dealing with the stupid stuff you have to take care of in the due course of existing. Messed up utilities bills, adjusting cell phone plans, lost credit card checks, expired drivers licenses, updating your home insurance, life insurance, etc, etc, etc…

I know it probably is a pipe dream, but I seek to whittle down to the least recurring bills possible. I seek to maintain the least amount of ‘stuff’ possible. Can that be done and still invest for the future? I’m not sure.

We keep plugging along on the slow progression of change trying to keep the hope, or vision of a different future in mind. It’s hard though, there are so many distractions along the way. I feel like tatooing my forearm to remind myself of the objective.

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