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The Risks of Independence

I’ve been working (hardly working it seems at times) the last 23 days straight between the last two shows which overlapped leaving us no break in between. While it has not been extremely physically demanding it does require my presence for the long hours from opening to close every day.

In the meantime, Hil has been sick with pneumonia! It came on pretty quickly and within 48 hours she was in bed on anti-biotics and barely able to move. She’s recovering after three visits to clinics and doctor’s offices but we would really have been up a creek if it wasn’t for my father being around to help take care of the kids while I worked the donut booth.

Running lean and mean allows us to be flexible and cut out a lot of overhead that we can keep as profit. We can make decision pretty quickly and travel across country to add shows to our calendar or conversely call it quits and head to the beach with no other responsibility than to our family. But when one half of your team gets sick it is REAL HARD to pick up the slack and still keep working.

Especially with young infants, getting sick is pretty much a given. Any time we take the kids to a park or playground we are pretty much guaranteed there will be at least one child sick and snotty to pass germs around. As parents, we accept that is part of building their natural defenses as they grow older. But for us as adults, we just get sick- and it’s no fun!

As any mother knows, you do more than just watch children all day. Cleaning, changing, entertaining, and about a dozen more jobs keep a modern mother weary and overworked more than my 12 hours day in the donut booth because it never ends. It’s a 24 hour per day job that doesn’t end for decades!

We managed to make it through both shows with the help of my father watching the kids while Hil was bedridden. He is, of course, now sick in bed with a cold from the kids and I’m struggling with symptoms as well. Hil is mobile but not 100% so we are limping along trying not to relapse into sickness.

Of all things, sickness is my biggest enemy. If I can work, I can make money. If I’m healthy, I can take care of my family. Even a bad cold or flu can wipe out our chances of filling the financial coffers which starts an entire cascading effect of problems.

The Catch-22 is, of course, we can defend against this impending disaster with a certain amount of rainy day savings. Until we get out of the financial hole, however, we are on the edge risking everything until the next paycheck. This may sound familiar to a lot of folks out there in a similar situation. Sadly, there is a significant part of our population that is one paycheck away from being homeless and believe me- everything breaks. So it is only a matter of time before the inevitable occurs!

There’s not much to do about this conundrum. Cross your fingers and keep plugging. A frugal nature and constant diligence helps, but there still is the whole to dig yourself out of first.

Hil is better than I am at making health a priority but it is now more than a personal decision, it’s a business requirement! Especially with our lifestyle, A healthy strong body is critical to being able to straddle living on a boat and working fairs and festivals the rest of the year. Feeling relatively crappy right now, the image of being fit and healthy is very attractive. Of course, I can imagine the end result without all the sacrifice in between.

I think it’s time to make my health a higher priority or else I need to change our long term plans of living on a boat. We’ve come this far, why let poor eating habits and the lack of exercise destroy our dreams?

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1 comment to The Risks of Independence

  • Damon

    I should buy stock in the company that makes Cold Ease and Zycam. I think I was on Zycam for the entire month of December. The second Amber or Scarlett get even a sniffle, I start taking ecinacea and vitamin C. It’s cheap if ordered off the internet. It’s a constant battle. Good luck.