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The Kindness of Cruisers Part II…

As a builder and developer in Atlanta, I had to be on constant guard.  Theft was a constant problem.  A large part of my job was making sure the subcontractors showed up and did the work in a quality fashion, that often meant cajoling, pleading, demanding, threatening, and ultimately yelling!

The city is tough too.  Thieves, panhandlers, con men, drunks, and drug addicts are just part of the business.  Theft was simply the cost of doing business.

After a while you get hardened to the human condition.

Hilary and I have been pleasantly surprised kindness and generosity still abound.  Just recently here in Key West we were rowing back from shore and making slow headway when two cuban fisherman in a boat  no bigger than our dinghy and insisted on towing us to our boat.  This may not seem like a lot, but it took us almost an hour to row back to our boat the day before and these fine gentleman saw us rowing from across the anchorage and made it a point to get in their boat, motor all the way over to us and tow us to our boat and then motor back to their boat.  It was way out of their way and was simply an act of kindness.

Yesterday our neighbors at anchorage got a new hard bottomed dinghy and they stopped by our boat to let us know they wanted to give us a 3.5hp outboard!  Not sell, not loan, they wanted to give us this perfectly good Mercury 3.5hp outboard because they’ve been watching us row back and forth. Not too long ago they were rowing back and forth and a fellow boater gave them this very same motor!  So they wanted to pass it along to with the same kindness that they received it.

Another note.  These are not yachties.  No fancy boat and matching hat.  These are complete strangers with working boats, live aboards boats that look like they seen many miles, rust stains running down the side, boats with makeshift canopies- in short, people just like us.

I’m sure you can find this type of generosity and kindness elsewhere, but for us this trip has been as much about the rekindling our belief in the kindness of the human spirit as much as it has been about sailing.

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1 comment to The Kindness of Cruisers Part II…

  • Can I submit an alternate theory? The change in the relationship and your brethren may have changed because when you are traveling you are more open to the world. It has always been my experience as a traveler, that I am more willing to stop and chat. I am less suspicious, but on guard. The city is a malaise. Yesterday, I saw an article about a guy inserting an rfid chip into his hand, so that he could quickly open his gunsafe.
    The city is full of pirates. But, we could do with being a little less suspicious, but on guard. –Rev. Gazpacho