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The End is Near…

No. That’s not right. The end is HERE!

At least our first summer season selling donuts at fairs and festivals. We’re back in Tucson for the time being. We left Salt Lake City after the Utah State Fair and took a little sidetrip to Vegas to visit, of all places, Circus Circus. Like my near three year old daughter hasn’t had enough carnivals in the last 4 months! But it was a natural stop along the way and it allowed Hil and I to confirm without doubt we are not big city people anymore.

The Utah State Fair was VERY successful but exhausting. We even won an award for most unique food and beverage product (I’m not sure which one) at the fair. I totaled up my labor hours for the show and I worked right at 180 hours in eleven work days plus a setup day and breakdown day. My generous and approaching saint like father drove up from Tucson to help me with the show and he put in about 150 hours without pay to further the cause.

It was SO busy, I hired another vendor’s kid to help out for the second weekend. The weekends are CRAZY and the weekdays manageable for one person, but I still have to be there the whole time from 10am to 10pm plus setup and cleanup hours.

We’re rethinking our schedule, in more ways than one. This show was a lot of work but we grossed more money at the Utah State Fair than we made at all the other shows combined this summer! That’s 11 days versus three and a half months of work. The costs were higher of course but if you include travel expenses between shows it probably is more profitable to just work REALLY BIG SHOWS like the Utah State Fair instead of all those little county fairs. Of course, you have to be accepted and be able to handle the traffic flow. But that’s another story…

We darn near hit our net cash numbers for the season thanks to the Utah State Fair. Of course, once the show was over we started bleeding money out on the trip home. C’est la vie. It is the way of the world.

Interesting, I have an offer to buy our mini donut setup, trailer and all, from us. After our experiences at the Utah State Fair with HIGH volume traffic, I am considering selling it and building out another trailer for next season.

For anyone that know me, next year looks to be a year of constant change- again. Just as soon as we get one thing worked out, more possibilities leap out at us and we boldly decide to step out onto that thin line and see where they lead us.

Based on Hilary’s background as a performance artist, we are exploring developing an entertainment booth that we pitch to the fairs for the benefit of the attendee’s. They would pay us directly to provide a free service to the attendee’s at the fair. We have a concept that we’re finalizing and we will likely jump in with both feet and register for two conventions to showcase a prototype for the 2011 fair season. If we can secure a half dozen bookings to start for the entertainment booth and continue to find good shows for the donut booth we’ll have to be careful because we’ll have a real business soon. Goodness forbid.

I’m a little nervous about it, honestly. The whole reason we engaged in the food booth business was to be on the boat for the winter season. I don’t want to let my entrepreneurial drive interfere with my adventurous passion to explore. As I mentioned before…

You can always make more money but your time is gone forever!

Hil is excited about creating a booth and it’s really her lead. I play the role of builder and roady.

Hil has also re-connected with her friends and mentor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and it looks like we will be trying to work out a semi-regular seasonal gig there. We especially like the idea of putting the kids in school there for a quarter per year when they hit school age. People keep asking us about homeschooling. Let’s just take it one day at a time and not get ahead of ourselves. We still have a few years to decide.

This summer we’ve met a lot of wonderful people that we now call friends. Our viewpoint has, once again, changed (for the better) and we’ve experienced people and places we never could have imagined two years ago.

While we started with a vision of how we wanted to live, in this one short year things have shaped up to provide a possibility that exceeds our wildest imagination (and that’s pretty wild). Part of the fun of ‘designing’ your life is you can change! If a new more exciting or more promising possibility unfolds- you go for it!

I can certainly promise that ‘if’ you can be open and receptive to the unknown, adapting to the various situations you encounter, your journey will look very different in the end than when you started.

People sometimes feel confined, boxed in, and suffocated.

Here is my promise-

There is endless possibility for people with the right attitude and a little persistence. Experience is not required as the best experience is hard won. Schooling will do little to prepare you for the ‘out of the box’ world except to provide you a basis in understanding business and an underlying knowledge base of which you will leap dramatically AWAY from once practical knowledge take hold.

If you thirst for new experiences and a little adventure, I can suggest the best way to satisfy these long term ailments is to be anchor free. Avoid credit card debt and long term financial commitments. Trust me, as of 2010, there is no long term benefit to owning a home. For the wanderlust vagabond in you, short term rentals, a motorhome, or a sailboat provide the best way to take advantage of all the incredible opportunities you will face.

While things are not ‘perfect’ and never will be, life is satisfying and we are constantly challenged. Boredom is a rare bird in our lives.

Consider this, have you designed your life or did your life ‘just happen’ around you? Have the years flown by and you don’t know how everything became so convoluted? Are you trapped in a job or life that is unsatisfying with no apparent way out until age 65 and the promise of a golden retirement?

Maybe you should take a moment, sit down, and think about what you really want to do in this life.

Is the guarantee of dissatisfaction more valuable to you than the possibility of the unknown?

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