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The Chaos of Creativity or My excuse for not cleaning my desk

A long title, I know.

Things are a little WACKADOODLE here (no relationship to WACK-A-MOLE or POODLES and god forbid that someone genetically engineers a hybrid of those two! N.B.-  No poodles were harmed in this blog post.).  I built a new Young Guns Wild West Fun Park that is TOTALLY AWESOME… when it gets finished.  It’s lean, it’s mean, it’s even got some green.  It’s a custom tent system with colorful shade canopies over each “storefront’. I went a little crazy and decided to engineer a slide out awning cover into a retractable banner system which required about 22 of the 10 point 7/8″ sockets (hence the dramatic shortage of 7/8” sockets at Lowes and Home Depot in Tucson FYI), about $3000 worth of Carefree of Colorado Awnings (which looked like they threw them off a 3 story building when they arrived), another $1750 for new banners, $500 of custom made shade tarps, a gazillion misc. pipe brackets, and a lot of fence post rail (some kinda joke there about pipe?). But don’t worry! I got the duct tape!

Sounds very MacGyverish, I know.

Things were rolling along nicely until I realized the banner makers didn’t ship one of our entry banners- with only one week before I hit the road!  OH NO!  WHAT TO DO!  No problem, they said they would print it up (more to this story but this is the short version) and have it to me by Friday before I hit the road on Sunday.

Guess what today is??  FRIDAY- no banner(s).  Ooops.  They ‘just’ shipped it out today.  It’s due here monday afternoon- at which point in time, I WON’T BE HERE!  I set up a show in Greeley, Co. on Tuesday.  I’ll be in three different states before the banner even gets here!

I’m trying to get FEDEX to intercept the package and send it some place close to Denver and I’ll pick it up there.  Who knows if it’ll work.  My last best option is to overnight 45lbs worth of banners to Colorado.  That’ll be a  nice bill.

I’m panicking?  Maybe a little?  I know, I know.

In the meantime, I’m still building, building, building away here in Darby.  I’ve got to finish up the Bean Bag Shooting Gallery V2.0 and pack it up.  I suspect the paint will still be wet as I’m driving to Bozeman Sunday to help Hil breakdown.

The shop (future brewery) is COMPLETE CHAOS!  Tools everywhere, EIGHTY SEVEN different projects going on at the SAME TIME!  PLUS-  I got 30 gallons of Beer ready to carbonate in the fridge for a cold tasty treat when I return.


Yup, I’ve got the situation under complete control!  Do you smell smoke?  I like to call this “thrift store engineering”.  All kinds of electronics people just throw away that can be re-purposed into something a little wacky and entertaining!  Make sure you get two of everything so when you blow it up you have a spare (better make that three of everything…).  Boy, I’m glad I didn’t bother finishing that Electrical Engineering degree at Georgia Tech- who needs one!  Instead, I got a degree in Industrial Design and I get to play with sharp power tools!  YAY!  Thanks Mom and Dad! (No, seriously- thanks Mom and Dad!)


I know, all that wiring really makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn’t it?  Yeah?  But it works!  I admit, I get a little warm and fuzzy using a product in a way those crafty little Chinese never intended.  Ship That Overseas, Buddy! (no please don’t or I’ll be out of a job.)



This is a last minute sandwich board for the new attraction, you guessed it- Young Guns Rodeo Roundup!  OH- I LITERALLY meant last minute, I made that today.  I know, not rocket science- just a sign.  But I made it with LOVE (mostly I made it with 1/2″ ply and paint).

Luckily Hil is the talent in this organization, I just build the stuff.  I am SO behind schedule.  Feet don’t fail me now…

WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?  I’ll tell you- Sunday afternoon.  Because I hit the road come hell or high water.

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