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The 5 Week Work Year

Are you interested in quitting the rat race? Do you want to spend more time with friends and family instead of inside an office cubicle? Has your 40 hour work week turned into a 60 plus hour work week at the same salary? Interested in travel and adventure that just can’t be done in two weeks of vacation time each year?

It’s your lucky day, I have just the answer for you- earn an entire years income in JUST 5 WEEKS!

You’ve probably read, the “4 hour work week”- well this is BETTER! Why spend FOUR WHOLE HOURS per week when you can just work really hard in 5 weeks?

OK, so it’s not that simple.

We’ve landed back on land, in the land of landlubber’s. If you haven’t guessed, we’re not on the boat-WE’RE ON LAND! It’s OK, it’s HOT now in Mexico and my bank balance is well below zero. It’s time to go back to work to pay for another season of living on the boat in Mexico with our two kids.

This year we have 9 fairs contracted for the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park. We’re contracted to work 40 days this summer. If you add a couple hours the day before to setup and a couple hours the day after to leisurely breakdown it really stretches to about 58 days. Including travel days would add another 14 days for a total of 72 part or whole days of work.

That’s more than 5 weeks!

Yes, there’s a catch! Eight of those fairs are double booked! Huh? Well, in the Rocky Mountain States they may have 10 weeks of good weather each summer. In that time every county, festival, and state has their event. In any ONE weekend there could be half a dozen festivals going on in the Rocky Mountains States. In order to capitalize on that fact, we built TWO complete setups last year even though we only had ONE double booking. This year it’s paying off because otherwise we would only have five contracts instead of nine. That means my wife and I will be working separate fairs for 4 out of 5 weekends.

Sounds great only working 5 weeks a year, but it’s going to be hard! There is a real good chance, I will be so worn down by the end that I might be sick. Logistically, I’ll help Hilary set up at her event then I’ll drive up to 8 hours to my event and set up. When the events are over, Hil will break her set up down and drive to her next event. I break my set up down and drive to her event to help her set up, then drive to my next event and set up. We repeat this for three weeks without a break working 10 hours per day not including the driving days. We have a 4 day break then another double booking. This time, I drive 13 hours from Wyoming to Oregon for a five day fair and then drive 13 hours back to meet Hil for our last and only event that is not double booked this season.

Add to that we still haven’t found a summer Nanny to watch the kids while Hil works and it’s no summer picnic! That cubicle is starting to sound pretty good after all.

Still- You ONLY work 5 Weeks for the Whole Year!

Maybe only five weeks of PAID work. We have a solid month of work before the first event! I have vehicle maintenance, trailer maintenance, prop touch up, new props to make, graphics to produce specific to each event, tech details to work out, and last but certainly not least- taxes to file! Hil and I both work another 4 weeks to get ready for our summer work season. When it’s over, I’ll probably spend a few weeks cleaning up the two attractions before storing them for the season.

OK, but that’s STILL only 11 weeks of work the Whole Year, not bad at all!

True, but then there’s the business side. We currently spend the entire month of November attending two conventions to market the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park. I create the flyers, video, booth, and any other props necessary for the two conventions. Then we drive from Tucson, Arizona up into the northern states right when the weather starts getting ugly with snow and ice. This year we’re thinking of attending a convention in November and a different convention in January. Each three day convention from start to finish can take all your time for about two weeks.

But you’re STILL only talking about 15 weeks of work the Whole Year!

True again. But we really need to grow this business a little more to be able to “save”. That’s a mythical word I’ve heard of but never seen in the last half decade or more. It would be wonderful to NOT start each work season completely and utterly dead broke. I know, crazy talk. But for some reason it makes Hil a little nervous. Wonder Why?

Another option is start ANOTHER seasonal business that picks up financially were the Wild West Fun Park ends. We’re kicking around ideas and I plan on exploring that more this summer. One of the FEW downsides of this business- we can’t predict the next years bookings. Could be a little, could be a lot. Who Knows?

As our friend and owner of the same named taco stand in San Carlos, JJ, says,

Who Cares? Spend Your Money!

In an ideal world, If we could fill a six month calendar with both the PAID and UNPAID work we would be very happy leaving it at that. 26 weeks of work per year is lovely. Half a year in Mexico living on a boat and the other half working fairs in the states sounds like a dream come true.

Oh, it is. But nobody said it would be easy.

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1 comment to The 5 Week Work Year

  • Hi guys,
    If you’re still in the San Carlos/Guaymas area, we’d LOVE to catch up with you to pick your seasoned sailors’ brains. We’ve just rolled into town a few days ago to work on our boat this summer and set sail in the fall. Thanks so much!!

    Katie and Mark