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Technorati website registration


This is the code to register JC McDowell and the Family Unit with Technorati.  In theory, I can build traffic and track the visitors with this simple registration.

I’m trying to spend a little time every day learning more about building the website traffic.  It will help on several fronts.  Namely, the more people that read the blog, the more opportunity I have to improve my writing skills.  Secondly, the more visitors, the more sheckles we can make from some of the advertising which, in turn, helps offset the manual labor needed to keep moving forward.

We advertise with Google and Amazon but they don’t return very well.  I’ve been experimenting with changing the ads location, but Google doesn’t seem to apply pertinent ads to the articles.  Eventually I’ll find a way to define it closer to the content but until then I keep plugging away at it.

Ironically, the ‘Cruising Coffee’ donations have been the most successful for us in the short term.  This is a pleasantly surprising revelation and one that I hope continues if I can continue to provide interesting content.

Once again, thanks for reading


JC McDowell

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2 comments to Technorati website registration

  • garth

    #1: build traffic using the free social stuff…setup your twitter feed, your facebook page, your myspace page, your friendfeed profile, your reddit profile, etc. your writing is good and compelling, there’s literally zero reason you can’t get a couple tens of thousands of readers a month. worse writers with far more boring stories do better. just set aside 15 minutes to work “socials” a day. or every other day. or once a week when you’re on the water.

    other networking options come from there, but those sites are free, fast, and easy to work with, as well as working on most phones with internet connectivity.

    good luck to you, i hope i see you on the water one day, when i pull my head out of my ass and stop working in advertising.

  • big cheese

    Thanks for the suggestions. All good recommendations.

    Good luck on making th break.