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Sunset and Sunrise at Key West

Since we’ve been here the winds have been howling and the skies cloudy. We haven’t really had a chance to see a true ‘Key West’ Sunset until last night!

The winds settled down in the evening and the sun slowly set to the west across Stock Island. You can make out some of the fishing boats anchored in the harbor.

The next morning I was up early and saw this sunrise.  The sun is rising from east over Boca Chica Key.  There’s a sailboat right in front in silhouette.

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4 comments to Sunset and Sunrise at Key West

  • I was wondering if this boat came from Tortola BVI via Maine ? This is the first yanmar powered 33′ CSY I’ve heard of since that one. It was re-fitted there and sailed to Tortola in 2002 or so.

  • big cheese

    I don’t think so. The boat was repowered in 2004 in Fort Pierce Florida. The engine only has 385 hours on it and it only had 50 hours on it when I bought it. As far as I know, I am the fourth owner of the boat.

  • BrokeNotBroken


    I just finished reading a book you may be interested in. It is, “The Best Life Money Can’t Buy” by Andy Deering. If you had an address, I’d mail you my copy :)

    How about a blog on how that first conversation with your wife went. You know the one where you turn to her and say, “Love of my life, how about sailing away with me and our little one on our boat.”

    My wonderful wife thinks I’m having a mid-life crisis at the suggestion. But, I think she may be coming around somewhat. The big issues are health insurance and retirement. I was hoping Andy’s book would offer good suggestions on those two but his opinion is to forgo health insurance and the book didn’t make clear what his retirement plans were. Maybe he has none.

    Any thoughts?

    best of luck,

  • big cheese

    We have a basic ‘catastrophic’ health insurance plan. It has a 10k deductible before it pays everything, but for the $270 a month for the family it made more sense than the $650 policy with a $4k deductible.

    It’s a sad reality but health insurance in the US is a mandatory expense much like car insurance or home insurance. One incident can bankrupt you. At least with our policy, I can beg, borrow, or plead to come up with $10,000 if our lives depended on it.

    Retirement is a tough one. As Americans, we have a strange idea of retirement. In essence, I think most folks feel that they deserve to stop working and be able to play golf and sit in their lazy boy after giving up the best years of your life.

    I’m not too comfortable with the ‘All or nothing’ concept of retirement (especially now). I think there is an answer between investing in your occupation and taking the time to smell the roses before your 65. I think 2 weeks per year to be a joke though. One part is modest consumption to lower cost of living expenses to be able to save a portion for the future but otherwise create an opportunity to work 8 months a year and experience the other 4 doing something truly worthwhile with your limited life.

    Working 60 hours a week to advance the corporate cause shows tremendous loyalty and discipline, but there’s a great bigworld out there just waiting for you to explore and enjoy.