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Summer Route through the Rocky Mountains

We are wrapping up the packing and prepping for our summer tour. Everything is a wreck around my Dad’s house as we sort/pack/unpack/repack trying to prepare for ALL possible contingencies. This is one of the hard parts of being a Gypsy. Who knows where you might be when winter strikes and the temps drops well below freezing? This trip we are trying to pick out enough of the kid’s clothes and toys to tide us over if we don’t return to Tucson where the bulk of our storage resides.

One advantage this year, we have two trailers. Since Hil and I are splitting up the shows for most of this season we have a little room in each trailer to store all our “stuff”. The advantages of not having a mortgage, utilities, property taxes, insurance, and maintenance definitely work for me but the downside often requires splitting the last the possessions you can’t bear to part with in several locations across the country. In our case, most of our winter clothes, boat stuff, tools, art supplies, and miscellaneous stuff I should’ve thrown away years ago are stored at my Dad’s house and take up about 10′ x 8′ in a storage shed in the side yard. Looking at it now, we could probably just trash over half the stuff we’ve dragged halfway across the country. We have some stuff at my mother’s in Maryland, and some stuff at a friend’s house in Jackson. It seems the stuff you need is always in the wrong location when you need it though.

Hil is traveling with my Dad this summer through Montana and Wyoming for about 4 weeks mostly without me. Here’s a map of her route from leaving Tucson through the summer:

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We travel in tandem from Tucson to Bozeman,Mt where I will help Hil get setup for the first time to make sure all the kinks are ironed out and then I head up to Dodson, Mt to setup and work the county fair. We only cross paths at the next fair in Powell, Wy where I will be able to help her setup again before I head south to the bottom of Wyoming at Big Piney for the Sublette County Fair. After that I won’t see her or the kids for two weeks until we rendezvous in Jackson for a 5 day break. Here’s my route this summer:

View Larger Map

After I meet Hil in Jackson, I have a BIG DRIVE to Eugene, Or for the Lane County Fair. That’s a 17 hour drive each way! Hil works the Wyoming 100th Anniversary State Fair while I’m in Eugene and then we meet back in Jackson. Our last show of the season we work together in Hamilton, Mt for the Ravalli County Fair.

All told, we will drive about 8,000 miles to end in Jackson, Wy for our work season. Who knows how many more miles we will put on after our last show. A lot depends on how successful we are at finding a fall gig in a community we can lay some roots for the fall and winter. Next year Emma will be ready for kindergarten and we would like to spend fall in a community so the girls can get a feel for group dynamics before we drag them down to the boat for 5 months of homeschooling.

Here’s my favorite quote from this sailing season:

A Cruiser’s Plans are Written in the Sands of Low Tide

Here’s our Summer Calendar if you are nearby and want to say hello:

Gallatin County Fair @ Bozeman, Mt; July 18-21 (Hilary) (**2nd year; THANKS!)
Phillips County Fair @ Dodson, Mt; July 19-22 (JC)
Park County Fair @ Powell, Wy; July 24-28 (Hilary)
Sublette County Fair @ Big Piney, Wy; July 25-29 (JC) (**2nd year; THANKS!)
Campbell County Fair@ Gillette, Wy; August 2-5 (Hilary)
Butte-Silverbow County Fair @ Butte, Wy; 2-4 (JC) (**2nd Year; THANKS!)
Wyoming 100th Anniversary State Fair @ Douglas, Wy; August 14-18 (Hilary)
Lane County Fair @ Eugene, Or; August 15-19 (JC)
Ravalli County Fair @ Hamilton, Mt; August 29- September 1 (JC & Hilary)

On a side note, working fairs is a lot like cruising on a sailboat. We meet an incredible number of kind, talented, loving people in our travels. We are so thankful that they come into our lives-even if for a short period of time!

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