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Still in Tucson…

There’s only so much daylight.

Getting the Van to a point we can use it in Mexico has taken more time than I would have liked. Part of the problem revolves only having so much daylight. It’s been cold here in the morning, so I manage to avoid going outside to work on the van until the crack of 10am-ish. Then temps really start to drop after 5pm when the sun goes down so I’m really not getting a full days work on the van.

It doesn’t help that both the girls are sick. Poor Emma has a bad ear infection in both ears. Surprisingly, she is in good spirits. Hil took the girls back to the Doc for another round of anti-biotics for each.

Hil and I both feel like we are on the edge of getting sick again. My sister’s husband smokes and even being around him makes us sick.

Maybe it’s time for some vitamins- or just go down to Mexico?

Come hell or high water we are leaving in the morning (that would be Sunday). I have been told by she who must not be ignored that we are departing in the morning even if we have to buy clothes in Mexico!

I’m REAL close to wrapping up the van. My Dad is finishing a little wiring of some switches before I can install the remaining doors. Then we sweep her out and load her up! I installed upper cabinets above the couch and sink cabinet for additional storage. I’m really surprised how much storage we can fit in the van.

The first trip down to Mexico will be packed regardless. I have boat maintenance supplies, all our spring clothes, a stockpile of provisions, tools, kids toys & books, two guitars, a generator, and all our pots and pans we took off the boat last spring for the motorhome.

It’s hard not to feel rushed. I try to remind myself- it’s all MY TIME and to enjoy being present. In reality, there is no rush. That being said, we really are looking forward to San Carlos with the temps still in the 70’s and the sound of lapping water against the hull.

Happy Holidays!

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1 comment to Still in Tucson…

  • Hurrah – back to the warmth. I admit to some envy of you for that! I’m starting to dream of our timeline for being able to take KJ to warmer waters on a semi-permanent basis. Enjoy – looking forward to hearing of your winter exploits.