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St. Augustine Anchorage Foggy Night Picture

The fog rolled into our anchorage at the St. Augustine City Marina just at sunset filling the sky with a blurry reflection of the setting sun and the multi-colored city night. I love the every changing landscapes with new sunrises and sunsets to admire.


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2 comments to St. Augustine Anchorage Foggy Night Picture

  • Vern

    Jerry-a ‘mail order’ item you could produce for a niche market would be a dvd/book/newsletter of ‘living on a sailboat with small children,etc. Perhaps you could place a cheap ad in the back of some sailing magazines,etc.

    Sort of a slant on Mother-Earth news,etc

    Green living

    There are landlubbers out there pining away to be in your shoes.


    Photos/diaries should be kept for possible inclusion.

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