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Short Term Sacrifice for a Dream

I flew out to Tucson on June 22nd to drive to San Carlos, Mexico to inspect a Gemini 3400 Catamaran that we had under contract while Hil and Emma James stayed in Atlanta with various friends house jumping to see as many folks as possible while I was away. We don’t get back to Atlanta to often and it has been 9 or 10 months since we’ve been back.

I came back after I inspected the boat, did the final negotiations, and finally signed off on the contract and transferred essentially every bit of cash we have to our name to buy this boat.  After that, I spent every waking moment until the 6th of July, when I flew back to Atlanta, working on a large home made trailer to haul this 34′ long by 14′ wide catamaran we will be calling home across 2000 miles of southern United States to find it’s new home on the coast of Georgia until our second child is born.

We new the schedule would be tight but I flew in around noon on the 6th of July and Hil and Emma James flew out on July 8th to visit her parents in Otis Mass. for eight days. After two weeks of being away, which is the longest we’ve spent apart since well before Emma James was born, we spent less than 48 hours together before she flew out and I went back to work renovating a friends bathroom.

She arrives back on the 16th. In theory, I should be somewhere in Texas or New Mexico by then, driving our 1999 Suburban 6.5l TD 4×4 work/tow vehicle to Mexico to pick up the sailboat. I’ve been working for the past 4 days here and while the company is good and the work has been moving along, I still miss Hil and Emma terribly.

We discussed the idea of me waiting until they arrived back in Atlanta and we all drive to Tucson where Hil and Emma can stay with the McDowell clan while I head farther south to pick up the boat. We decided it would be unfair to Emma to force her to sit in a car seat for 10 hours a day minimum for 4 days straight to drive to Tucson much less putting her through the agonizingly slow trip back hauling a 8,000lb sailboat on a wideload trailer traveling at the blazing speeds of 45mph for over 2,000 miles of monotone interstate sparked by the occasional traffic jam.

Instead I console myself with the photos and videos of our last two days together, knowing that the time will pass quickly and soon we will be together as a family with new challenges and surprises to overcome as we plow headlong into the insecure and undefined future we have chosen for ourselves by living on a sailboat.

We feel so fortunate to find the 1993 Gemini Catamaran that we can’t wait to plan a new trip south to explore all the shallow keys and beautiful beaches we missed the first trip south with our 5’5″ draft on the CSY 33. Cross your fingers that I can get the ‘new’ Whiskey Charlie back safely. Every venture has a risk. With prudent planning and a keen eye for the road ahead (or my Dad’s eyes driving escort vehicle) we can make it back to Georgia in less than 7 days along RT 10 the entire trip out of Tucson to I-95 that leads to Brunswick, Ga where our new home will find the brackish waters of the Georgia Coast amid good friends and familiar surroundings.

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