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RAIN DELAY- in the desert

Small hiccup getting down to Mexico. It’s raining!

What’s the big deal?

It never rains in Arizona. As a result, we work outside. We pull out the table saws, benches, paint, and tools and work in the driveway. A garage is a place you store your tools. I have to paint the steel frames, cut out the remaining panels, build a few drawers, paint the wood, then re-install the cabinets in the van- then finish wiring the cabinets. No can do in the rain.

Yesterday Santa came early so the girls and Grandpa could exchange gifts. We had a great dinner and the girls went out of their minds opening presents and eating candy into the wee hours of the night. As we speak, I am taking my online defensive driving course to avoid a speeding ticket and points on my license. It’s silly really, there’s a timer and you have to wait 22 minutes per chapter before taking a 2-3 question quiz.

13 more minutes to go.

But it’s better than having to sit in a class room for 4 hours.

We’re still not feeling 100% I can’t say that an extra day inside will kill me. We are just not used to spending so much time inside (or in one place) and it begins to make us a little stir crazy. Luckily tonight is date night. Hil and I go nuts at the $1.50 movie theatre without kids and even splurge for the $3.00 kiddy popcorn. But hey! It’s a few hours ALONE together. By then end of the evening we even start speaking in complete sentences.

In our weird little world, this is the end of the school year (metaphorically speaking). Hil and I both are a little burned out. I find I’m a little unfocused right now. There’s ample work to complete but I just don’t have the drive right now.

I don’t do well with repetition. That’s why the idea of working in an office or business repeating the same process has never worked out well. Luckily Hil is similar. We certainly have enough variety in our lives to keep me jumping. As the girls get older, Hil would like a little more definition to our meandering. She would like to know we go ‘here’ this time of year and then we go ‘there’ this time of year. Next fall in Jackson, Wyoming is the experiment to see how things work out. If it does work out, we’ll make Wyoming our home state and break our time between Mexico in the Winter and Jackson in the Fall.

Do the dumb things you gotta do.

We’ve got to check off the list of THINGS TO DO before we can hit the road for Mexico. A few more cups of coffee might energize me to get cracking! Maybe not, but one more chapter down on the defensive driving course!

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1 comment to RAIN DELAY- in the desert

  • Katie

    JC and Family,
    We love reading your posts. Keep them coming! We’re up in cold, dark Montana and just the thought of sailing in Mexico right now makes the day a little brighter. Thanks again!

    Katie & Mark