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Fame and Fortune Await…

Here’s your chance! Yes you too can be the star of a reality TV show and make complete ASSES out of yourself in front of BILLIONS of people.

See below:

Hello, I figured I’d leave a comment because I couldn’t locate your email. I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable [read more by clicking on title]

The Old IN and OUT

I’m talking about schlepping. That’s what the mobile life is ultimately all about. We’ve been rolling stones since late 2008 after the birth of our youngest, Charley, who just celebrated her third birthday. Even when we live on the boat in the Sea of Cortez we are still mobile, sailing around the Sea and down [read more by clicking on title]

Dropping the Anchor for the Winter- temporarily

We wrapped three weeks worth of marketing for the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park traveling through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. In total we added another 3,000 miles to our trusty Sprinter! We’re happy to be back in Jackson Hole to spend Thanksgiving with friends here. We’re housesitting and taking care of [read more by clicking on title]

On the Lo Lo in Wyo

The convention in Denver to market Young Guns Wild West Fun Park went well and we think we will book 2-4 events from this short two days tradeshow. By the end of the tradeshow, all four of us are feeling rotten. I think it started in Maryland (kids preschool) and the plane ride certainly didn’t [read more by clicking on title]

From Coast to Coast and Border to Border…

We’re leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for Denver. We’ve spent the last two months in Gaithersburg,Maryland at my Mom’s apartment. We put the kids in preschool so Hil could work on recuperating from her 2 bulging discs and I focus on the mess of paperwork that accrued since last year. We took a little [read more by clicking on title]

Your American Dream is NOT my American Dream

I know we don’t have the picture perfect “Leave it to Beaver” American family lifestyle. We don’t have a “brick and mortar” residence, we don’t have traditional careers, we don’t have ANY savings or investments. We get an earful of flack about once a year from certain family members that just don’t understand WHY we [read more by clicking on title]

JC and the Family Unit in Maryland 2012

Whew, we made it.

Hil REALLY hurt her back on her last show of the season in Douglas and has slowing been recuperating. The Doc she was seeing in Jackson said he expects a full recovery- in time. Which is good and she’s getting more mobile every day.

In the meantime, my used MacBook Pro [read more by clicking on title]

Wrapping up the Young Guns Season

It’s been a busy two months on the road. Hil and I each worked 4 fairs and we were supposed to be able to work the last fair together in Hamilton, Mt. Unfortunately, Hil hurt her back in Douglas, Wy at the Wyoming State Fair on the last day. She’s been in Jackson, Wy recuperating. [read more by clicking on title]

Stuck in West Yellowstone

We are almost to Bozeman for our first fair of the summer! Both our vehicles have been running great towing the trailers. We are currently stuck in traffic due to an accident ahead at the first peak enroute to West Yellowstone on I-20.

We still have 3 more hours to go to make Bozeman today.

[read more by clicking on title]

Summer Route through the Rocky Mountains

We are wrapping up the packing and prepping for our summer tour. Everything is a wreck around my Dad’s house as we sort/pack/unpack/repack trying to prepare for ALL possible contingencies. This is one of the hard parts of being a Gypsy. Who knows where you might be when winter strikes and the temps drops well [read more by clicking on title]