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One if by Land and Two if by Sea

I wrapped up the Tucson Gem show yesterday and I am ready for a break after a long month of 12 hour days working the Quartzsite RV show and then straight into the Gem show.

Both were great shows for us and have provided us a great start for this year.

Great News!  We now have a land yacht!  On a rainy superbowl sunday the whole family unit and grandpa left Tucson at 2 am to drive to Hemet, Ca to buy a 1995  Fleetwood Bounder motorhome.


The motorhome was a repo auctioned off and I bought from a dealer in AS-IS condition.  The interior needs some TLC and the engine needs a little work but structurally it is sound.  Especially for our budget, it’s the best we could possibly hope for at the time.


We started the trip back and Charley was car sick the whole trip home forcing us to stop literally every 30-40 miles to sooth her before her screaming head popped off.  The entire trip took us 25 hours and we rolled back into Tucson at 3 am exhausted.

I woke 4 hours later to go make the donuts at the Gem show and haven’t had the time to step inside the motorhome since.

Finally, we’re going to reap some fruit of these trying past few months.  By Wednesday we hope to be on the road (always on the road) to Mexico for about three weeks of rest and relaxation in the form of cleaning up and working on the sailboat.  Based on how that visit goes we may elect to return in March for a few more weeks on the boat.  If money is tight (isn’t it always?), I can probably find a show to get into to fill the weekends.

While things have not gone exactly as planned, they are moving in the right direction.  We still have some work to complete to wrap up our old lives in the form of tax returns and legal arrangements, but at least we have a directions and a means to employ us into the near future.

Work Expands to Fill the Available Time

In my case, I fill the available time with work.

On that note, it has been tough to balance the need to work with the goal of living on the sailboat.  While most people long for the weekend, I have to force myself to stop and relax a little bit (and not drive the family so hard).  Living on the sailboat last year and sailing down to Key West was an eye opening experience for me into the joys and beauty of slowing down.  Life in itself took on a wonderful texture and became the sole reason for waking every morning.  Planning was short term, often no more than hours ahead.  Now I’m back to trying to plan the whole year and I’m missing the present at which we belong.

While the realities persist, I long for the narrow minded mono tasking existence  of dawn to dusk as the waves slap the side of our sailboat in the Sea of Cortez.

You know an ICE COLD draft beer in Mexico is a very affordable price of approximately $1.25! Click Here to Buy Us a Beer.

6 comments to One if by Land and Two if by Sea

  • BrokeNotBroken

    What? No pics of the Bounder?

  • Helen

    Hey Hilly, JC and the beautiful girls, happy valentines to you all. So glad things are moving in the right direction. Would love to try some of them donuts one day!
    We will skype soon, take good care and get on the boat soon.
    love from all of us Helen, Chris and Devon

  • big cheese

    Thanks Helen-

    We’re planning on heading down to San Carlos, Mexico in two days! The list of TO-DO’s just seem to keep growing but we are looking forward to a few weeks on the boat.

    Take Care,

    JC & Fam

  • big cheese

    Hi BrokeNotBroken-

    Check back, I just added a few. The motorhome is crammed into my Dad’s driveway and you really can’t see much of it. Besides, I was kind of embarrassed by how ugly it looked inside when we bought it. We’ve cleaned it up (slightly) and added some furniture to make it look more habitable and less roady (is that a word?).



  • BrokeNotBroken


    Awesome rig! For some reason, I just love RVs. One of my fondest memories as a child is waking up at the crack of dawn, loading up the RV and heading out. Especially on a cool fall day, the RV would be idling beside the house, warming up. I would climb on board and feel the floor of the RV shaking slightly underfoot, smelling the exhaust. Half asleep I would get into my chair and for a few days be transported to a different world. It was magic–it still is. We have a Class B Roadtrek that we take my boys out in now. Everytime we are on the road and I hear the clinking of ice when my wife gets a coke out of the cooler and the fssss as she cracks it open, I am instantly transported to the time when I was 12 and going camping. Amazing how insignificant little sights and sounds can recall a flood of childhood memories. Best of luck creating those little memories with your little girls.

  • big cheese


    I love that! I am certainly no expert (on anything) but I wonder how taking one step outside the thin blue line will reverb in my kids psyche later down the road. Certainly it will be better than NOT remembering Daddy because he was at work all the time.

    Thanks Again, a great comment.

    JC & Fam