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On the Road Again…

At least we’re planning to get back on th road again. I’ve started planning our trip out to Arizona and the ensuing months of travel and it’s daunting. It’s a good thing we like to travel.

View Travel Route from St. Simons to Tucson in a larger map

With the new wee one along, we are trying to make each leg pretty short versus the ‘balls to the wall’ trip we made in 40 straight hours when we went out in July. The trip to Atlanta is really a meet and greet stop to visit with friends before we head yonder into darkened woods.

We have a good friends in Oxford, Ms that we would like to visit but the detour to Stephenville, Tx is a little out of the way but I need to pick up supplies for the 16 day show in January.

The show in Quartzsite is letting us sell cinnamon sugar pecans as well as the donuts. With over 100,000 people attending this show and assuming we can sell a measly 40 orders of nuts at 5oz each, that means I’m going to need about 240 pounds of nuts! I’m really shooting from the hip but the nuts will hold if they don’t sell and I’d rather have the nuts to sell than run out. Shipping on the nuts is pretty expensive. It would more than easily pay for the gas and a hotel room to divert and pick up the supplies versus ship them to Arizona.

Another long day after that to Albuquerque and then an easy day to Tucson.

We’re planning on making a short ‘vacation’ trip to San Carlos to do some clean up on the boat right after Christmas and then we head back to Tucson to prepare for the Quartzsite, Az show. The Quartzsite show is a pretty big deal for us. We’re putting a LOT of eggs in one basket. It’s a REAL big show compared to the largest show we’ve done before (on the order of 10x bigger). It has the potential to set us up with enough cash for the rest of the season or break us if things go poorly.

In addition to the event entrance fee, I’ll have to order 550lbs of donut mix, about 240lbs of pecans, 35 gallons of canola oil, 200 lbs of sugar, and about 48 cases of sodas. But all we need to break even is to have about 34 sales per day.

Just to give you an idea, here’s our planned calendar in Arizona for January thru April. Each one of the points is an event we’re planning on attending.

View Larger Map

First things first. Fifteen more days before we leave. A big yard sale this Saturday, donations, dump runs, a big clean up, some home maintenance and that’s about all we’ll have time for before we pack up and hit the road.

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6 comments to On the Road Again…

  • Matt and davina

    Sounds like a busy time! Best wishes for the show and safe travel. We are on our first night on the boat but we haven’t made it out of the yard yet. Plans to splash on Friday. Taking kids to pirate holiday parade Tomorrow night. I wish u guys were here 4 advice and to have another family around.

  • big cheese

    I remember trying to get Whiskey Charlie ready last year. We planned on working on the boat for about 3 weeks in the yard and it turned into three months. We stayed an extra month at dockside to wrap up loose ends. Nothing every goes quite as planned.
    The Big Thing- no matter how long things take, make sure it’s time well spent.

    No matter which tack you take from here forward, it was the first step that was the hardest.

  • Love what it is you all are doing! I wanted to introduce myself (sort of). My wife, our new baby girl and I are living with a friend of yours – Doug Davis – in Mississippi and going to help him get his farm off the ground in the next couple of years. He speaks highly and often of you and we hope to get to meet you all soon. Congrats on your little miracle!

    We are playing around with WordPress ourselves and are definitely novices. You can see our blog at (if Doug hasn’t already sent it to you). Do have a few questions from you seasoned WordPress pros. How did you set up your header so that it changes with each page refresh? Also interested in how the paypal donations account is working.

    Would love to see you on your way West in a couple of weeks. If not, keep on posting and inspiring!

    In love,
    Daniel Doyle

  • big cheese


    Sadly, I think we’re going to miss Oxford this west bound trip. But at this rate we’ll be traveling back and forth quite often!

    In short, you can pick your wordpress theme and each one has different features. Many are free. We use one called ‘Atahualpa’ that I would highly recommend. It is VERY versatile and flexible. Search ‘WordPress’ and ‘Atahaulpa’ and you’ll find the download.



  • Hey, just wanted to pipe in and wish you a very Happy New Year. I’m excited to see how things play out for you ~ these are great adventures you’re in! I’m looking forward to the updates! Best wishes from the Northwest.

  • big cheese

    Thanks- We’re a little slow posting right now with an infant and a 2 year old keeping us busy. The chaos of change also takes its toll every day.

    Happy New Year!