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On the Lo Lo in Wyo

The convention in Denver to market Young Guns Wild West Fun Park went well and we think we will book 2-4 events from this short two days tradeshow.  By the end of the tradeshow, all four of us are feeling rotten.  I think it started in Maryland (kids preschool) and the plane ride certainly didn’t help.  We’re outdoors so much now-a-days that we don’t have a lot of tolerance for canned air and the host of allergens floating around.  I’ve lost my voice completely- not good when you’re trying to bark out a sales pitch at trade shows.  Hil is marginally better than I am, at least she can talk.  The kids are both hacking up a lung.  It’s more like a chest cold or sinus infection than a cold or flu.  I won’t gross you out with more detailed descriptions.  Oddly the kids still have plenty of energy and no fever but the coughing is disturbing.

We left Denver Sunday morning and struggled to make it to Lander, Wyoming before dark. Lander is one our favorite little towns in Wyoming.  They have a great public park, a great main street, a great bar, and it’s the headquarters for NOLS.  You can camp in their park for up to three days for free alongside a lovely stream.  We managed to make the pharmacy, then the Gannett Grill (attached to the Lander Bar) for dinner before crashing in the park in our van for the night. The Sprinter van was designed to sleep four as a weekender but with all the baggage from our trip to Maryland it was VERY tight.

We hit the road at sun up for Jackson.  Hil’s friend and dance mentor was out of town and said we could stay at her house.  That’s a blessing with the fam feeling rotten.  We made it to Jackson by noon and hit the pharmacy before retreating to the house.  We can stay two days and depart on the morning of the third day for Boise, Idaho for the next convention. In the mean time we hope to heal up, watch the election, and prepare to hit the road again.

Traveling with young children can be tough.  Especially when they get sick, as they seem prone to do quite often.  Any parent will tell you the early years are like a bacterial experiment with the kids picking up some snotty ailment and passing it to Mom and Dad to suffer as penance for bringing new life into this world.  The funny thing, when we are in Mexico we haven’t been sick yet.  The easy answer is that you can’t catch a cold from the sea lions or porpoise.  We just don’t come in contact with as many people in Mexico.

We love the outdoor life but we are not Mr.and Mrs. Goretex, hard core granola heads.  I wouldn’t mind becoming MORE like that.  But our life is a far cry from spending the better part of your 24 hours inside a building.  Beware the concrete jungle.  I’m not a germaphobe but high density means somebody is always passing around something nasty.

And people think living on a sailboat is dangerous.

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