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No More Donuts!

Nuts! Or rather, DONuts! We decided to market and sell the donut trailer while at the Utah State Fair. What better time to show a prospective buyer how great the trailer is with a line 10 people deep!

We lucked out and sold the trailer by the end of the show and we drove home on trailer lighter.

The Utah State Fair was great for Hilary working the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park. She received a ton of great feedback and hopefully those comments will make their way to the fair directors and they will book us again next year.

The donut trailer was down in sales from last year, marginally. We had some bad weather which kept people away and they packed a few more food vendors in around me to water down sales.

We did just fine in the end and packed up everything and trekked home Monday morning with the Motorhome, Landcruiser, and the entertainment trailer.

Our favorite Aunt passed away Sunday morning. We tried to hustle to get back before she passes to no avail. We made it back in time for the services and funeral. I was lucky to be able to visit her four or five times before we left for the fair.

We thought we would have a little time to relax but not rest for the wicked! We fly out on Wednesday for Maryland and then return in time for a party for my sister and her new husband only to leave again a few days later for Wyoming where Hil picked up a short gig. Then a convention in Billings, Mt and another in Las Vegas at the end of November. By that time we will be very ready for some down time in Mexico.

Stay Tuned….the rise of FrankenSprinter!

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