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New Cockpit Cushions

We were in the Captains Club enjoying a cold cerveza and fish tacos talking with a couple at the next table when we realized they were the couple that owned a Gemini here in San Carlos that we met via the Gemini Owners Forum on Yahoo.

Dave and Pat have a newer Gemini than ours but offered to give us their cockpit cushions! We went up to their house on the hill and. Visited with them the next day. What a view! We had a great visit and the cockpit cushions looked great!

Their are a total of three Gemini’s in the San Carlos area. One is in the Marina and is pert new, the second is Dave and Pat’s 105m and then our older 3400 model.

The cushions fit great! What a world of difference too. We spend a lot of time on the mooring in the cockpit and some nice cushions really help out a lot. Our one gripe with the Gemini is all the seating is at 90 degree angles with short back rests in the cockpit that hit you in the lower back. With the new cushions we can use the 4 smaller seat cushions we had as back rests or double up for a more comfortable seat.

We really liked that you could use the cockpit benches as outdoor beds on or CSY 33. The seats are just too narrow on the Gemini to be able to lie down. They are also just a hair too short for me to lay flat.

Dave and Pat had to head back to the states shortly after we met with them but we hope to reconnect in the Spring and maybe be able to do some sailing with them.

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