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Mooring at the Stuart, Florida Municipal Marina

We’ve had a frantic couple of weeks here in Stuart, Florida.  My wife grew up in this area and has family and friends that we have been visiting during our stay.  We departed the ICW by at the St. Lucie river and picked up a mooring at the new and unfinished municipal marina.

They have a large mooring field and are working on completing what looks to be a nice dock system.  The marina has showers, laundry, and a restaurant that is still in the build out process.  The fee for the mooring was $12.60 and includes a dinghy dock and access to the facilities.  The mooring was a nice place for us to leave the boat and visit with friends and family on land because we could be comfortable the boat was safe.  Not only did we not have to worry about dragging anchor, but there was enough people around the marina to insure we didn’t have a theft problem.

The mooring field is pretty new and the weather was moderate.  Despite the fair weather, the mooring field is right off the channel and you are constantly feeling the wake of power boaters racing up and down the river.  The weekends were the worst with every neophyte boater out on the water, many seemingly without any understanding of boating courtesy or right of way on the water.  It looks like complete pandemonium of motor boats criss crossing each other on the weekend.

After about 11 days at the mooring, we settled back on the boat and moved the boat across to the North Fork and anchored in 8′ of water.  We are within dinghy distance of the Harbor Inn and Deck, a small older Florida marina and restaurant where you cook your own meat on their grills.

The mooring was great for leaving our boat for a short period.  We didn’t have to worry too much about the weather or about the safety of the boat.  Ironically the amenities, like shower and laundry which we valued so much in St. Augustine, we only used twice in our 11 days because we were away.

Across US 1 from the marina is old town Stuart.  There is a nice park, shops and restaurants- but not much in the way of groceries or hardware store.  We had a not-so-great ‘tourist’ experience at a local restaurant and ended up paying $5.75 for a beer and later we had a great time at an Italian restaurant having dinner with Hil’s parents.

Without transportation, the marina is not very convenient.  A Home Depot or West Marine are miles away and a Publix was a mile south on US 1.  We were very lucky that a friend of ours lent us a car for a week.

I’d like to see the marina when it’s completed.  At this time, unless you want the added comfort to leave your boat unattended, I find the anchorage in the North Fork to be more convenient without the cost.

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