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Making and Selling Jewelry on our Sailboat

Hil and I have started making sterling silver jewelry on the sailboat. It’s a tag team kind of production with one of us watching Emma and the other working. I’m in charge of making the elements and Hil assembles the various pieces and combines them to make them look absolutely beautiful!

We actually lucked out and sold TWO pieces in Marathon, Florida. We were at Burdines Marina and Restaurant celebrating St. Patty’s day and the waitresses commented on the Jewelry that Hil was wearing and one thing led to another and we came back the next day and she sold a necklace pendant and a pair of earrings!

We’re working on adding a way to sell them here on the Blog! With every purchase we send a local postcard from wherever we are as a memento. We’re trying to incorporate the colors and textures of our current location into the pieces we make. Each piece is completely unique and handcrafted.

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3 comments to Making and Selling Jewelry on our Sailboat

  • Jenn

    Beatiful! You should set up an etsy site – they do all the hard work for you and all you need to do is upload your pcitures. Miss you guys. When are you coming to Atlanta next?

  • Mike

    Been following your adventure and enjoying your updates. Burdines is great!! Was just there for the first time a few months ago and the same lady waited on us.. I hope you and yours have the time of your lives, keep up the great updates. Emma is a beautifull little girl. Mike

  • big cheese

    Thanks for the referral Jenn-

    We just set up a Etsy site tonight. We only have one piece on there right now, but we keep adding. The site is:

    But it would about $1.40 better for us if you bought a piece of jewelry from our website!