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Luck in Lander, Wyoming

Fate intervenes again!

I’ve been wanting to get a better mountain bike. One that actually is sized correctly. We brought a bike from the St. Simons house back with us and I don’t know how we got it originally, but needless to say we’ve had it a long time. Everything works fine but the frame is 15″ and I really need a 19-21″ frame. I’m not especially tall, but I’m not that short.

We’ve been looking for a decent used bike as we travel but no luck. Here in Lander they have a nice bike shop with a great looking Giant mountain bike that is new but in the low $300 range. It’s more than I would like to spend but even decent used mountain bikes are in the mid $200 or above. I’m no monster extreme mountain biker but we camp in locations with bike trails enough I want something that won’t fall apart like a $88 bike from Walmart.

We’ve been dry camping in the Lander City park for the last two days. You can stay there for three days free before they want you to vacate. While we were walking on main street we saw a poster for a Riverfest Arts & Music festival in the same park this coming Saturday. On a lark, I called to see if we could participate since we’re here anyways. After walking a block to their office and showing them pictures of our set up, they agreed to let us work their one day festival. The cost- $40!

They suggested I talk to the park director about power. I went over and asked her about it and it seems it won’t be an issue. While I was there, I asked her if we could continue to camp in the park since we are vendors for the Riverfest.

No problem, she said. Now we not only have free camping in a wonderful setting, we have an event that I can probably make enough money to pay for the new mountain bike!

Hil took the kids over for Art camp today and I moved the motorhome farther back in the park under a canopy of trees next to the river where we’ll be better protected from the hot sun during the day. The weather has been great so far but our motorhome just bakes in the sun during the hottest part of the day. Moving has made a HUGE difference as I sit here writing.

I’m procrastinating working on the Suburban. My excuse is that I’m waiting for it to cool down outside. Really, I don’t want to get all greasy and filthy and I’m kind of enjoying chilling in the motorhome with no one around.

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