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Living on a Sailboat in Mexico

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7 comments to Living on a Sailboat in Mexico

  • Lorry

    Hi, found your blog through the Gemini Yahoo Group. I am not an owner but aspire to be one and thus live vicariously through other people’s accounts of cruising.
    Check out this website of a couple who built their own catamaran and sailed it around the Sea Of Cortez. I believe they started in January of 2007 but not sure when they left the Sea of Cortez for their trip to Hawaii.

  • big cheese

    Thanks for reading. Unlike a lot of other cruising grounds close to the US, the Sea of Cortez if considerably less documented. In a way it’s exciting to be “off the beaten path”, but also a little scarey. Thanks for the link and I’ll check it out.


  • Jack

    I was looking at the Sea of Cortez in the past to store
    a Catamarn sailboat or even my Catamaran fishing boat.
    I thought the drug crime boys might be a problem in the area?
    Im here in Florida now but going to be moving out to Idaho
    on 450 acres and in the winter was looking for a place to
    go for the winter.Either sailing on a Catamaran or fishing
    on my Catamaran power boat I have now.
    Sounds like there isn’t any problems there. Thats good.

  • big cheese

    We really haven’t felt the influence of the ‘drug wars’ in either Puerto Penasco or San Carlos. It seems the biggest threat is the border. With that, move through pretty quickly, don’t stop and just get on down the road a bit. Certainly is great fishing here.

  • Kaley

    The Mexican peso has had a virtual collapse in the past few months and bargains are everywhere. A really great dinner for two in an attractive and upscale restaurant in Chihuahua (Mexican City and word meaning: rat on steroids) including shared appetizer, shared desert, two HUGE T-Bone steak dinners, at least 3 drinks and tip came to $35.00. The downside to shopping is that there isn’t much to choose from…..unless you want junk or boots. This much about Mexico is true: If it’s on the endangered species list, the Mexicans make boots out of it.

  • big cheese

    Hi Kaley,

    I fear the same about fishing in the Sea of Cortez.


  • We just got back from El Tamarindo, North of Manzanillo. I must say I have mixed feelings about the resort. It is a beautiful place, set on 2000 acres of dry thorn forest, next to a calm bay. We saw a multitude of animals and birds, and the setting was very quiet and peaceful except for the weekend when the beach was invaded by locals and tourists visiting from across the bay. It is not for everyone, as it is isolated without much to do.