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Living in Mexico

A short update…

This is our second stay in San Carlos, Sonora on the boat.  With the two kids it seems like we can’t pack less than a full truck load each trip but we’re trying to get everything situated on the boat to make it easier to get down here at the spur of the moment.

I’ve been working in the mornings at the local cafe, which has WIFI, to book some shows stateside this summer.  The connection is great and I can even use SKYPE with no troubles.  Mail is more expensive and SLOW.  I’m not really sure how to overcome that issue right now.

Purified water has to purchased for consumption and we use 2.5 gallon jugs on the boat (it’s easier to haul and store) but most folks buy a 5 gallon and use a little pump that fits into the opening to dispense the water.  Even restaurants use the 5 gallons for drinking water.  We haven’t had any problems with the ice or vegetables at the restaurants we’ve visited.

There are laundry facilities here at the marina and there is also a full service laundry that will wash and fold your laundry for about the same price.

Traveling here is pretty simple- no different than in the states.  Shopping can be exciting if you don’t speak the language but with a sense of humor and a dictionary you can mangle your way through most situations.  A fair percentage of the locals speak some english (often better than my spanish).

Good deals can be found.  We enjoy the Club de Capitanes across from the Marina with 15 peso draft beers and 17 peso fish tacos.  A meal for Hil, Emma, and I costs about $10 US (12-13 pesos per $1 dollar) compared to a family meal at McDonald’s in Tucson which runs dangerously close to $20.  I rather have the three beers, a lemonade for Emma, chips and salsa, and the 5 fresh fish tacos than the cardboard meals from McDonald’s any day.

Everyone is very friendly, locals and expats alike.  We enjoy having the kids as icebreakers.  The Mexican women love children, especially infants, and have no problems walking right up and taking your baby right out of your arms.

We’re adapting to life on the boat.  We’ve had harsh Northerly winds the last few days which makes a wet boat ride to shore and a disconcerting night on the boat.  The winds are supposed to die down tomorrow.

We need a different dinghy.  Our hard sailing dinghy is just too tender for 2 adults and 2 infants- not to mention the car load of junk I have to haul back and forth.  A hard bottom inflatable or a port-a-bote would be a good solution down here.  The shores are often rocky and a soft bottom dinghy would get ruined before you can collect your first sand dollar.

I haven’t even looked at the rigging or sail suite.  There’s too much to handle wrangling the kids and dealing with the necessities of living on the boat right now.  We’re not going anywhere anyways.  My great hope is to pull the sails before the end of May and get a bottom job by next year.  Next season we hope to start sailing if we can get the boat in order.

All is right in the world here.  I do have the nagging- “Go make money” voice in the back of my head, which is justified as our finances dwindle down to nothing.  We’ll be working full steam soon enough.  Finding the balance to enjoy your time NOW and worry about the future in the FUTURE is the hard part.

Speaking of which, we were just invited to the Soggy Peso beach bar- that’s the kind of future I’d like to worry about!

You know an ICE COLD draft beer in Mexico is a very affordable price of approximately $1.25! Click Here to Buy Us a Beer.

6 comments to Living in Mexico

  • Hey JC. Good update, Club de Capitanes sounds like a good deal. What are the temperatures like there now?
    We’ve managed to break 60F in NY today, much rather be in Mexico!

  • big cheese

    Hi Bill-

    Yes there are some deals down here. Between the Capitanes Club, the Soggy Peso beach bar, and Barracuda Bobs (internet) we’re pretty well set. There hasn’t been a dull day yet.

    Today the temps will hit about 80 F with 20% humidity. It drops to about 60 F at night. It’s chilly enough to enjoy a fleese and a blanket at night but not enough to be uncomfortable.

    That’s why we decided to keep the boat here in Mexico- right now it’s cold and rainy in Georgia. PLUS- the clear blue waters of the Sea of Cortez are a sharp contrast to the muddy waters of the Georgia coast.

  • Hi JC-

    The weather and water sound great.

    I meant to ask, what type of sailing dinghy do you have currently?

    Hope all is well and you post again soon!

  • big cheese

    We have a fiberglass dinghy that was built by a one man show in Florida. The boat is called a Henry Brown. It’s a hair under 9′ and it has a hinged dagger board and two water tight flotation areas in the bow and stern. It’s a great rowing dinghy. I have the boom and mast but no sail as of yet.

    BIG NEWS! We have a 10′ port-a-bote! It works SUPER FAB! Great as a family SUV on the water. We picked up one used from a neighbor that had a 10′ and a 12′ as a spare. Even in 25kn winds, whitecaps in the bay, and 1 foot chop I can make it back and forth without getting drenched.

    I took it apart and folded it up on the sidedeck before we left. It takes up about 6″ and 10′ of room. You have to stow the seats and transom elsewhere.

    Compared to a RIB, the port-a-bote will definitely keep you drier. We had a gethering on the Gemini with 4 other boats. There were 3 port-a-botes and 2 RIBs. The folks with the RIBs got wet coming over.

  • That’s great news on the port-a-bote.

    We have been kind of musing over what type of dinghy we’d like to eventually get. I really like the Fatty Knees, after all L&L Pardy use it, but used they can be pricey, let alone new. For the two of us we were even considering the Walker Bay’s, but I’m not sure if they’d be adequate.

    Do you have the sailing rig for the port-a-bote?

  • big cheese

    Hi Bill-

    No we have the sailing dinghy. I’d skip the Walker Bay from the feedback we’ve gotten. The port-a-bote can be found used about the same price and I can promise you’ll be happy with it.