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Leaving the United States for Mexico

We’ve finished our marketing month for the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park and we are almost ready to head south of the border into Mexico for the Holidays. I’m trying to finish building a sink cabinet for the Sprinter van and Hil and I want to weed down some stuff in storage here to make our next move to Jackson easier next season.

The Sprinter van is coming along great. The process of getting ‘small’ is not. It’s tough to, once again, rid yourself of moment’s that remind you of an earlier life. I hate to keep dragging the boxes from state to state though. We haven’t opened these boxes since before we moved to Arizona two years ago.

We are reminded that we no longer fit in any kind of city at all. I was targeted in a speeding trap yesterday and through the general stupidity of a eight armed bureaucracy, the police officer took my valid plate and left me stranded on the side of the road with no cell phone and about $900 worth of traffic tickets. This is a case where having the tallest vehicle in stop and go traffic is not a benefit. Speeding cars in front of me, all around me, and the 21′ diesel van gets the speeding ticket in stop and go traffic? Yeah, the van is a rocket!

Why the $900 worth of tickets?

He gave me a ticket for driving a vehicle with an expired tag that I have never seen, never owned, and never driven. He copied my tag down wrong and he absently didn’t notice that my 2004 Dodge Sprinter extended van was not a 1999 Ford E350. He also didn’t notice that I wasn’t the registered owner, PRO CLEAN LLC., despite my providing him with my valid insurance card, registration, and ID. I told him there was a problem but he told me to tell it to the judge.

I had to walk to a store nearby, call Hil and have her ask Grandpa to babysit the kids while she came out and picked me up. We verified the insurance info was valid and in force, went down to the department of motor vehicles to make sure the registration was valid (it was) and all they could do to help was sell me a new plate for the low low price of $5!

We then spent the rest of the day driving back to the van and trying to reach someone at the police station to do something about the ticket so I wouldn’t have to drive the 14 hours round trip for a court appearance for a vehicle I don’t own, wasn’t driving, and probably is sitting on blocks somewhere. The police department had the citing officer call me, and as typical, tried to explain how I was wrong once again before admitting he was in error and agreed to remove the bad tag offense. I asked him to drop the speeding ticket as well since, thanks to his error,I just spend the entire day running around trying to fix his mistake. I’ve lost a days worth of work, which to me and our tight schedules, is worth more than the fine for the speeding ticket. He said no way, tell it to the judge!

Apparently, if you make a mistake and get caught speeding they make you pay pay pay! BUT if you’re a cop and make a mistake and leave some poor sap stranded and out of work for a day that’s OK. I know, shocking that something like this can happen. I’m still going to complain to his supervisor before forking out the $240 for the speeding ticket (which is ironically,about 10% of my total cash on hand).

But hey no big deal, kids don’t need christmas presents! I think dirty rocks are a great gift these days.

Seriously, I’m just happy to get the hell out of Ford E350 (I mean Dodge).

Happy Holidays and next post from Sunny Mexico!

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1 comment to Leaving the United States for Mexico

  • So excited for you all!
    If you’re in SC during the last week of the year/first week of the year, there’s a chance we can hook up, as I want to come down for a few days from The States to check on the batteries – hope they are okay – eek – and also soak up that Margarita Feeling.
    Still in Japan here, will see it through till early March, and then it’s Freedom Central, but will be State-side for 3 weeks this coming winter.
    Have a safe trip down!