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Karma in Motion or Just a Run of Good Luck?

Well, we just had the BEST day ever in donut land at the Tucson Gem Show.  Even more striking, we sold more donuts in 4 hours than I’ve ever sold in an entire day!  We sold unknown hundreds of dozens of donuts, 52 hand pressed frozen lemonades, a dozen frosted cinnamon nuts, and several cases of bottled drinks.  What a day!

We were deliberating on moving to another location midstream.  The Gem Mall location we are currently located was surprisingly slow the first week.  On the day we were about the make the decision sales really took off!  The last three days have really been excellent in terms of sales.

Another good stroke, we might have found a land yacht!  Trolling craigslist every night for a good deal on a motorhome, I found a motorhome that meets our needs almost perfectly for a price we can actually afford.  The catch, it’s a repo and it’s in California!

After a few phone calls and some deliberation we decided to follow our fate and see where it leads us.  About 2 am Arizona time, we’ll load up Emma, Charley, Hil, Grandpa, and myself to drive 7 hours one way to investigate our potential mobile home (literally).  Grandpa and I could’ve managed alone but no one wanted to be left out on the big adventure.  So we’re all in for a ride to mythical California.

We have to hustle, I’m giving up a days worth of potential income to investigate this motorhome.  Come monday morning, I’ll need to be there bright and early to get the donut factory sqaured away to turn donuts into dollars!

Super what?

All told, things are progressing as if they were laid out in front of us like a red carpet.  While not all wine and roses, the work has been commensurate with the reward.  We’re looking forward to a rest in Mexico, no matter how long we’ll have.

Interestingly enough, donuts may well be the path to all things good.

Peace and Cinnamon Sugar Donuts for all!

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