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JC and the Family Unit in Maryland 2012

Whew, we made it.

Hil REALLY hurt her back on her last show of the season in Douglas and has slowing been recuperating. The Doc she was seeing in Jackson said he expects a full recovery- in time. Which is good and she’s getting more mobile every day.

In the meantime, my used MacBook Pro I picked up last year got freaky and wouldn’t start up. I took it in to a Mac store in Jackson and they thought it was the Logic Board (read DEAD computer) but couldn’t offer any more help. I decided to wait until we reached Maryland where there’s more options before breaking down in tears and languishing over my stupidity for not backing up or replacing the groaning stock 4 year old hard drive and resorting to buying ANOTHER used mac.

Like always, our life is a logistical gypsy nightmare. We plan on attending three conventions this year to market the Young Guns Fun Park and the first is in Colorado in November. Therefore it made sense to book our flight to Maryland out of Denver and store the van, filled with the props for the convention, in long term storage. YIKES! Traditional long term parking for the airport was running $150 per month. I hunted down a outdoor storage facility I could store the van for $46 per month instead. We found a hotel just down the street that would shuttle us to the hotel. All that was left was the 10 hour drive from Jackson to Denver.

Hil is getting better but she can’t drive. I am generally good for 6-8 hours non stop driving but I really was struggling to stay awake. We ended up stopping three times for me to catch a 30 minute nap in the Sprinter.

As luck would have it, our friends from Frenchtown, Mt and San Carlos, Mex were in Denver the same night and we were able to catch up and visit when we arrived. We might see them again this winter in Montana before we run into them on the water in Mexico.

Travel days with kids is tough. Every parent will agree. Travel day with two little children and a wife in a wheelchair is REALLY tough. We curbside checked our bags and asked for a wheelchair for Hil to avoid aggravating her back from the miles of endless walking and waiting. Here I am carrying a guitar and two carry-on bags herding two curious kids through long security lines while Hil is on “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” escorted through special security gates by an attendant. Arriving two hours in advance, we made it to the gates with minutes to spare before pre boarding began.

On the plane, I was the typical parent, “Stop that, don’t touch that, sit down in your seat, turn around, quit hitting your sister, hold that drink or you’ll spill it- just like that! Aaargghh! What did I tell you!”. Repeat that 50 times an hour for 5 hours and THAT IS EXACTLY how our trip to Maryland proceeded.

Hil and I were frayed knots by the time we arrived. We made it outside and my mother had a livery car waiting for us (we had SO MUCH BAGGAGE she couldn’t fit it all in her tiny little car) and we enjoyed the most comfortable and quiet ride comparatively in weeks.

GOOD NEWS! After an entire day spent at the Apple Store in Maryland, the cool geeks fixed my computer- for FREE! Luckily reloading the operating system did the trick and I hope to squeeze two more years out of this machine before putting it out to pasture. That said, I ordered a new hard drive and upgraded memory. Maybe I can learn from my near misses.

We bought a new guitar! With the savings from the resurrected Mac burning a hole in my wallet, we went to Guitar Center and tried a bunch of guitars before settling on a Yamaha acoustic/electric with hard case. No frills, straight forward guitar, good action, and cheap enough we won’t worry about dragging it around from land to sea and losing big bucks if it gets damaged.

We want to add some sing-a-long stuff to the Fun Park and we need two acoustic-electric guitars to do that. By next season, after a couple THOUSAND hours of practice, maybe we’ll be ready!

Now that we are here in Maryland Hil is leaving. She’s taking the kids to visit her parents in Conn. She’ll be there almost two weeks. My job while she is away is to write! As you might have guessed from the length of this post, I might have a few things to discuss since being deprived a full size keyboard for a few weeks.

Certainly the life of international gypsies is not all fun and games, but it sure beats sitting in a cube the rest of your life.

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