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I’ve got the Wandering Blues

We are halfway through our work season with Young Guns Wild West Fun Park traveling through North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah.  We’ve been fortunate to have help this year.  I have the son of my best friend growing up here to help me do the heavy lifting while Hil has a super duper nanny/assistant to work with her for the summer.

Hil is working in Cheyenne, Wy until Friday and then packs up and moves to Douglas, Wy for the Wyoming State Fair.  I am in Rifle, Colorado and then I head to Douglas to take over for Hil.  She will head back to Darby to get the girls prepared for school end of the month.

Emma is going into Kindergarten!  How time flies (but fruit flies like bananas- sorry a kids joke).  We’ve worked out with the elementary school that Emma can stay until end of January and then we can continue her education on the boat in Mexico for the rest of the year.  We’re going to try this out and evaluate the results.  I’m torn because I want the girls to be able to enjoy winter activities and participate in group sports but I also don’t want to give up spending time living on the boat in Mexico.  The advantages to both.

Another overlooked point, Hil and I both look forward to having a few hours each day of free time to pursue adult hobbies (with potentially dangerous or scary tools and equipment) without the pitter patter of tiny feet underfoot.  But the draw to the sea is still strong.

We have some plans in the works, but I am loathe to discuss in detail because everything is in such flux.  Once some details get nailed down, I will share.

Until then, check in and say HI!  You can contact us on FACEBOOK, here on the website by leaving a comment or email.

Well, I feel like an old Hobo, I’m sad, lonesome, and blue

I was fair as the summer day, now the summer days are through

You pass through places and places pass through you,

But you carry them with you on the soles of your traveling shoes.

-Littles Birds by the Be Good Tanyas


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1 comment to I’ve got the Wandering Blues

  • Hey hey, McDowels!!
    Glad to see you are starting to wind down the summer. Sounds like to was busy. Keep the Mexico dream alive, the kids will adjust – besides Emma probably will soon be more fluent in Spanish than you. Great value in having a child be able to argue on your behalf when it comes to customs in Mexico. :-) We’ve done it…we bought a boat – a little boat Island Packet 27. Wrote about it a bit on the blog. I really am liking the little boat. Who knew.
    Still looking forward to that beer with you and Hil.
    Take care and fair winds,
    Ceal and Kevin
    p.s. The fruit flies joke was good.