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Installing an Adjustable Salon Table

sample CSY salon table

When we bought our CSY 33, the boat came with a rather large dining table with two fold up wings and a liquor cabinet in the center. I felt it really cramped the spaciousness of the salon and we eventually removed the table altogether.

I was looking for a coffee table sized table that I could install instead, but as time passed we either left it empty or used a cooler as the table- which was very convenient for weekend trips.

After we had Emma James and we ratified our decision to move aboard the sailboat, we still struggled with the table dilemma and refrigeration. It appeared that a large marine igloo type cooler would do just the trick. I sourced one out at West Marine that was supposedly a 7 day cooler with a pretty flat top. They sold a cushion that could snap onto the top as an additional seat. I thought I could build a small wooden table top that would lock into the hand holds and snap into place.

New Salon Table/Cooler

New Salon Table/Cooler

I built and installed it using a kit West Marine sold to tie down the cooler. While the table worked great, the cooler was less than stellar. Once we got all the live aboard type food in the cooler and into different containers to keep the melting ice from water logging everything, we really could only get about 3 bags of ice in the cooler and it would about 3 days.

Even on our first leg, we reallized we would end up being a slave to trucking ice back and forth. The cooler wouldn’t work as our only refrigeration solution. We have an Alder Barbour refrigeration system that is 12v and runs off the battery bank, but I was afraid it would suck up too much juice every day. For the last few legs it has worked great (we motored a lot and maxed out the cooling while underway) and with the new battery bank isn’t causing a problem.

new adjustable salon table

new adjustable salon table

We were visiting another boat and they had a small table that was adjustable. It adjusted in height and also swiveled. It really opened up the small salon of this narrow 10′ beam boat. While I was at Sailors Exchange, I found a similar pedestal! It took a little manufacturing on my part and a scrap piece of aluminum tubing to get everything to work, but I bolted it into the existing cooler top and it works great.

Tonight was our first night that Hil and I actually ate dinner at table height. GO figure! It also makes working on the computer A LOT easier. Emma likes it because she has more play room in the salon and we can lower it to her height.

Coffee table position

Coffee table position

It has been about a month, but I am secretly hoping to return the cooler to West Marine. That $100 can back in the kitty.

Oh- the total cost of the new deluxe table was $35 and about 3 hours to install.

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