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In the Land of the Blind…

The one eyed man is King.

(This post was a draft from before we left Georgia in December 2009)

I’ve been sick with the cold for about a week. It’s been raining here and alternates between cold fronts to downright balmy. While simultaneously running a low grade fever, I have to turn off the heat and turn on the AC (in December no less!) when it gets over 80 degrees after we’ve spent all day inside with wool sweaters and jackets shivering from the mid 50’s temps outside. Crazy weather.

The long list of THINGS TO DO doesn’t seem to get any shorter but the days keep ticking by towards our drop dead move date of the 18th.

Work Expands to Fill Available Time

Don’t you know it, brother!

We’re down to the ‘Oh-Sh*t’ list of things to get done before we head west. Mother nature has not been very cooperative. We were rained out for our ‘Everything Must Go’ yard sale two weekends in a row. Now I’m just trashing and donating about half the junk and re-storing the other half. I think we can postpone having to part with our valuables for another year.

Charley Bella has been a wonderful baby eating and sleeping well, packing on a pound in the last week. Both momma and baby are looking good to travel.

After the last month here on St. Simons, I’m feeling lost. Maybe in part due to the cold, but I also feel like we’re on standby waiting for the green light. There’s plenty to do and I know we’ll be Rock’n Rolling soon enough.

Fast Forward to Present Day…

I was responding to some of the comments tonight, which are super fabulous, when I reread this draft from before we left Georgia.  In such a short period of time, our little world has changed so much.  In many ways while we planned for this, there could be no planning for how things actually turned out.  We’re working on finally departing for Mexico, albeit for only two weeks this time, but none the less a big check on the goals list.

By the way, we’re down to our Oh Sh*t list for leaving for Mexico.  Things never change.

What strikes me is how you don’t know what you don’t know.  While sounding vaguely new age and rather simplistic, it really is the truth.  While this may not sound like a great epiphany that will unlock the secrets to peace and happiness it does counter a good question.

Why don’t more people take a leap of faith into the unknown?

Don’t get me wrong, many folks do invest in their faith in mankind, god, community, family, and more.  I get that, I really do.  In many ways I wish I could be more like our friends and family who have laid roots and have invested in their community to the benefit of the people around them.

More to the point, what I’m asking is about your dreams.

Now there is certainly a degree of lip service here, but I hear this all the time:

Oh, I’ve always wanted to do that

So why don’t you do ‘that’.  I know, you can’t just drop everything and do ‘that’.  But what I see is people doing exactly the opposite to actually achieving the goal they so fervently express that they want.

I got news for you…It’s all work.

Work is work, but that’s kind of obvious.  But following your dreams is work.  It takes planning, diligence, persistence, and maybe a big chunk of sacrifice.

More to the point, you only get this ONE life (reincarnation excepted).  My thought would be to put some priority onto this one life you have and maybe a little less priority on climbing the corporate ladder (or whatever hierarchical analogy you support) and take one small step for you-kind into the unknown.

It does take some practice.  Take some baby steps.  Make a list of your David Letterman Top 10 ‘Things to Do in this Lifetime” and see how close you are to checking any one of them off.  Pick one.  No matter how big or small, outrageous or mundane- your dreams are important!  Do them for you if for no other reason.  It’s ok that no one else lauds your accomplishments or even understands what or why you do what you do.  The point of all this conjecture is that you know what’s important to you better than anyone else.

Deep down in your heart you know your right- go for it!

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4 comments to In the Land of the Blind…

  • mk

    J, this reminds me of the best manager I ever had in the working world. He was a Viet Nam Vet and a super human being. He would often remind me, ‘Remember, mk, this is NOT a dress rehearsal.’

    Have a nice time on the boat. mk

  • big cheese


    It’s so true. Sometimes we mistake what’s real in this world for what’s contrived. Certainly an income is a necessity (as we’ve seen so clearly the last year) but the concept of a career is a man made contrivance- and the sacrifices one must make that go along with that career.

    It reminds of the story, ‘Bartelby the Scrivener”.

    I prefer not too.

  • Sonny Lambert

    Regarding your ad on for the CSY 33. Why don’t you remove it since you have sold the boat?

  • big cheese

    I secretly like torturing poor souls who are looking for a good deal?

    No, it was supposed to expire and apparently did not.