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Hurricane Jimena and the effects on San Carlos, Mexico

Hurricane Jimena pushed onto land in the middle of the Baja peninsula weakening as it climbed higher into the mountains before landing in the Sea of Cortez.  Our boat is moored in the bay at San Carlos which is almost in the center of the Baja Peninsula on the mainland side of Mexico and ‘historically’ outside the hurricane zone.

We just returned from San Carlos in August.  Luckily while we were down there we moved the boat from a mooring that was dragging and brought the boat closer to the marina behind the protection of the mountains from the winds and wave that can roll directly in from the entrance of the bay.

At the advice of Hiram, the diver that cleans the bottom and maintains the moorings for us while we are away, we replaced the mooring lines with nice new thick lines and actually removed the mooring ball to reduce chafing on the lines.

The remnants of hurricane Jimena hit San Carlos with 40+ mph sustained winds and gusts up to 65 mph.  Reports indicate that the storm surge was minor rising only two feet inside the bay.  The real damage came from the torrential rain which deposited over 24″ of rain in the area in less than 24 hours.

The dry desert climate simply eroded from the massive downfall taking roads and bridges with it from the erosion.  Fresh water and electrical service is out to the area and sewer lines are clogged with debris from the storm.

I received an email from a friend of Hiram that about 15 boats were either washed ashore or sank during the storm.  Our boat was fine.

Another email from Tom, the broker at Sea of Cortez Yachts, confirmed both the damage to the area and the status of our boat.

Hiram and his family are fine.  In fact, casualties are minor from the storm.

I’m thankful we moved the boat in time or there’s a strong chance we would have lost the boat on the shore from the mooring dragging.  I am a little worried that the boat might have taken on some water.  Twenty Four inches in a day is A LOT of water.

The Gemini doesn’t come standard with any bilge pumps.  Not that it would have mattered, we took the batteries with us back to Tucson to charge as they were dead as doornails.

Thankfully, the Gemini is a light boat which helps it float over the wave action.  The catamaran design and shallow draft would’ve also helped in the event the mooring did drag.

Most importantly, I’m glad we hired someone trustworthy to watch over the boat while we are away.

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5 comments to Hurricane Jimena and the effects on San Carlos, Mexico

  • Davina and Matt

    So glad to hear that the news is good. We’ll keep our fingers crossed about the intake of water!! Best wishes!

  • big cheese



  • MOM

    Glad that Hiram and his family are safe and that the boat is okay. I have to admit I have been worrying about it. See you Saturday!

  • Patrick Willyard

    I have a 28’sloop in marina seca. headed down next week to try and recover it. did dry storage get destroyed ? are the roads functional enough to pull an 8000 lb trailer ?

  • big cheese

    I read that Marina Seca faired pretty well. There were a few motor boats on trailers that got pushed around. A couple of boats got knocked off their stands. The bridge went out on the main road by Charlie’s Rock. That means you’d have to take back roads to get to the Marina. Check out San Carlos Sonora Forum for more info.

    Best of Luck,