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Hulu Streaming Movies and Verizon Broadband USB

We downgraded our cell phone to a basic cell phone with no texting, email, or internet. Instead we added the Verizon Broadband USB for about $60 per month. It’s not cheap, but it was the only way we could stay in touch with family, and try to use the internet to generate some income.

One great side bonus for us on the boat is a website called Hulu that offers FREE (truly free) streaming movies and TV shows. They have about 4-6 ADS strategically placed in the program but they range between 5-30 seconds long and aren’t that disruptive at all.

We receive 5GB of in/out transfer on the Verizon USB and we can watch about 5-10 movies a month and maintain the same level of internet activity without going over our limit and paying a surcharge.

We’ve never had a problem getting a strong signal all along the coast and we’ve even been able to get service 1mile off shore. The Verizon service is not the cheapest, but if you need Cross Country Service (even some offshore service) it is certainly worth the extra coin.

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