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How we met Maria

We came ashore for the Yacht Clubs white elephant sale to benefit the local Rescate (sort of like Paramedics) and while we didn’t actually buy anything it was nice to mingle and meet new folks at the Barracuda Bob’s and upstairs at the Yacht Club at the San Carlos Marina.

There was a buzz of concern from everyone about the Tsunami that was reported off the coast of Chile that morning and how it was going to affect San Carlos in the Sea of Cortez.  There was speculation that we could see 4 foot waves in the bay and that it could hit in a couple of hours.

I decided to check NOAA to see what we could find out.  Sometimes things get lost in translation and we wanted to find out if it was safe for us to stay on the boat in the bay today or plan for more dire emergencies.

While I was working on the computer in Barracuda Bob’s, a tall blond woman came into the coffee shop limping.  She was wearing one blue croc on one foot and a fuzzy sock on the other.  She came into the cafe in typical sailor attire looking for a shoe.  Apparently the previous day she jammed a toe on some nautical piece of hardware and taped it up and then today she dashed to shore for some provisions and forgot the other shoe.

Hence she was limping around the marina asking if anyone had a shoe she could borrow.  All she needed was an eye patch and a parrot on her shoulder to complete the picture.

Hil had an extra pair of shoes in the truck and she offered to let Maria use her crocs.  Maria said she was going to ride up to the market on her bike and she would be back shortly.

A little while later Maria rode back to the cafe and she was talking to some folks when she just keeled over on her bike landing near upside down with the bike akimbo.  After untangling herself from the bike and coming into the cafe, Maria came back into the cafe.

Did you see that?  I just fell over on my bike.  I was just sitting there and then I was upside down on the ground.  Imagine that.

Maria was a character!

Maria had spent the last 20 year plus in Japan teaching English as a second language.  Originally from England, Maria has traveled extensively.  Her dream is to live on a boat and sail to Thailand.

Maria lives on her 45′ ferrocement ketch, which she apparently bought on ebay while still in Japan.  She’s in the bay on a mooring.  Within the first few years here in the Sea of Cortez she’s ridden out a hurricane while on her boat in the bay, she’s sailed a season across the sea to the Baja, and has continued to travel by land through the US.

Maria has an extraordinary attitude and as she says,

Has a lucky horseshoe stuck somewhere

which in light of all her adventures must be true.

Maria got up and pulled a beer from her bag.

Well, if I’m going to ride out a Tsunami, I might as well have fun, Yeah.

The Tsunami turned out to be nothing.  Later that night we felt something akin to a slight swell on the boat which could have been the remnant of the Tsunami as it creeped up the Sea of Cortez.

Later we had Maria over for cocktail hour, as sacred an institution to sailors as Christmas is to Christians, and she’s good fun.  She was kind enough to watch over Rock Hopper, our hard dinghy, when we went back to Tucson the first trip and and has since been a great friend.

If you ever wanted to break out of the mold and do something different, Maria is great example of how to live an extraordinary life in a non-conventional way.  From England to Japan and Asia to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico as a single woman, Maria certainly hasn’t let convention stand in her way.

Here’s her blog if you want to find out more about Maria:

Against All Cods

Some people want to be around people that are just like them, carbon copies in a black and white world.  Others seek out interesting and unusual people.  Without a doubt, living on a boat brings you in contact with some wild and crazy people- true characters.  While I don’t really consider us to be ‘OUT THERE’, our little family unit is off the beaten path.  In our travels, we meet some interesting and some truly ODD people.  But they all have been unique.

Living on a boat can be a beautiful and serene life.  The peace and solitude while communing with nature is almost religious.  The intimate relationship you have with nature and the elements goes largely ignored on land.  But that’s only part of the attraction.  The best part is the people.

All this for want of a shoe.

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3 comments to How we met Maria

  • This was a lovely piece of writing, Jerry. Thank you so much.
    Yep, WaterWorld. There’s nothing like it.
    I look forward to seeing you all again in the bay.
    SS is fine.

  • big cheese

    Hi Maria-

    How was your sail?

  • It was fantastic. Southerlies on the way out. Northerlies on the way back. 7.2 knots with only the jib up.
    We had a great party on the old fish camp beach last night for Magus. We’ll have to do the same when you guys get back.