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How To Get Out of the Box

Do you feel rutted? You know, every day is the same old routine. Every weekend a variation on the same theme? When I say rutted, I don’t mean rooted, I mean like a train on a track every day for the rest of your life?

I have one simple step that can break you out of your malaise and expand your world exponentially.

Here it is;

Step 1: Say Yes.

There it is.

Opportunity comes along ALL the time. I mean, it is whizzing past you while your watching the boob tube, zoned out on your commute, sitting in your cubicle, or at the bookstore contemplating another self help book and opting instead for a new Clive Cussler novel (guilty as charged).

Maybe not in seemingly big ways.

You meet a friend who invites you for a weekend sail but you don’t know how to sail and those dust bunnies are getting bold- say Yes!

While drooling over a new cookbook you find out a cooking class is being offered that weekend but there’s a “Friends” marathon Saturday you were planning on watching- take the class!

You see an ad for a free flying lesson and you always wanted to try but you’re a little nervous about looking like a newbie- take the lesson!

A friend is organizing a ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Co this winter but it’s been a long time, or you don’t know how to ski/snowboard at all- don’t worry, GO!

These kind of little opportunities come up surprisingly frequently. If you want to jump the tracks to your rutted little life start saying YES when the little exploratory gold mines presents itself.

There is one thing you’ll need to work on before you can take advantage of all the amazing new experiences that are just waiting for you out there in ‘never never’ land- you’re going to need to expand the idea of self.

What, Who?

I think what really limits people from exploring their world (and themselves) is a strict and rigid definition of who they are as people. This image must be maintained in order to make sense of their slice of the world. If you can relax this rigid ideal and be open that “you are the possibility of…” then anything is possible.

Maybe not probable, but possible. That possibility, however, is like dynamite to a dam on you’re creativity. New worlds open up and new experiences flood into the empty bucket which is your consciousness.

A note of caution, this really only works for experiences not objects. Saying “yes” to a new Porsche may do nothing more than provide a momentary exhilaration and put you in the poor house. Experiences pave the way for better decision making, more confidence, and best of all, more new opportunities.

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