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How to Avoid Paying Taxes

Don’t make any money.  That’s it- pretty simple.

Considering our personal economic fallout was vaguely similar to an asteroid dropping from the sky fully ablaze to shatter into a million little pieces before being burned up in the atmosphere with only small remnants remaining scattered all over God’s green earth to bear witness to the asteroids incredible journey after it’s glorious death plummeting into the 3rd rock from the sun.

That being said, I’m beginning to realize a staggering number of people really don’t have to worry about taxes- they don’t make enough money.  They don’t make enough money to pay for rent, health care, food, child care expenses, utilities, gas, and car bills much less any kind of savings.  Still the clock strikes the top of the hour and everyone starts their daily migration to work.  Thank goodness for debt!

What’s the alternative?  I would suggest less is more- but in reality less is still less and when you’re on the negative side of spending concepts like budgeting and cost cutting are pretty pointless.  Not enough is still not enough no matter which column you put it in your 3 column ledger.

That’s my point and why we ‘literally’ went south into an alternative lifestyle.  If I ‘got a job’ and ‘settled down’ there’s no upside.  Not only is there no upside but more despressing- there’s no chance of an upside.  Sure, there’s the lottery but hard to peg your happiness and ultimate freedom on a one-in-a-trillion chance.  I’m more likely to win “American Idol” than win the lottery and anyone who has heard my singing voice can attest that pigs flying is a better bet.

Why is it so depressing?  It never ends.  The bills, I mean.  Get a job, settle down.  Rent/buy a home and the bill just keep coming.  Indulge in some modern conveniences that are viewed as modern necessities and the vig just keeps getting higher every month- with no end in sight.

Let’s say you were a good American and did as you were told.  You bought a home, worked 25-30 years in a good career, raised a family, planned for retirement, and paid off your house.  The bills still keep coming.  Annual property tax bills (which generally speaking never go down), Property insurance (which also never seems to go down), annual maintenance, utilities, etc. etc…

One of my favorite renaissance men who lived in the industrial age (think about that for a minute), Buckminster Fuller, said (paraphrasing) the definition of wealth is how long we can maintain our current lifestyle without working.  That actually means something.  It means the lower our overhead, the longer we can last without working.

There are extremes, I understand.  But certainly some moderate changes would drastically increase your wealth factor (according to Buckminster Fuller) and maybe even free some of your time.

Your time.  That’s the other factor.  What good is working yourself to death to pay for all those bills when you don’t get to stop and smell the roses?

Seriously, once ‘imbedded’ with the enslaught of bills it’s almost impossible to get out without a complete financial and credit meltdown (Yup, that’s me).  The only reasonable course of action is to slowly and diligently start hunting down your bills and DESTROY THEM!  Seek some vengeance, get angry, and stay mad.  Pay off your bills and don’t incur more.  The moneylenders are out to enslave you one bill at a time with pretty trinkets and bobbles.

Don’t worry it’ll be just one more easy payment paid monthly over the rest of your life.

Where’d this rant come from?

DESPITE having removed ourselves from the normal flow of the mainstream with our nomadic ways, we still need to receive a few important ‘snailmail’ documents in a timely manner- including a few monthly bills.  The nature of our work (and play) make it very hard to respond to the queries and bills in a timely manner.  Despite our best efforts, I just can’t get to the point where we don’t have ANY bill payments.

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2 comments to How to Avoid Paying Taxes

  • Have you seen this:

    They open your mail, scan it, then email you copies. Yes, it does cost money, and it may free you up to increase your ratio of nomadic lifestyle vs. “normal” existence.

  • big cheese

    Hi Damon-

    We used to use PayTrust, a similar kind of service. The interface was horrible and it was difficult to sort and organize the mail into any kind of manageable system. The other problem, you forward all your mail to their address. So if you have your credit card statements and bank statements go to a different address it makes it a real hassle ordering things online and shipping them to a different address or even getting gas with your billing zip code.

    All this can be overcome of course.

    Or- you just ask a relative to mail you your collected mail once or twice a month whose address you just happen to be using as your residence.

    We haven’t gotten a handle on the application for shows. We send them off and them we leave town. Supposedly they send confirmation and acceptance in the mail- but, of course, we’re not there. It’s even harder when we will be adrift in the Sea of Cortez not near cell tower or WIFI. Such is the penalty of keeping one toe in the mainstream and one toe in the Sea of Cortez.

    Woe is me. Noooobody knows troubles I’ve seen….Boo hoo for me:)

    Hope all is well,