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How do people have a LIFE and a JOB?

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I know I’m kind of ‘out there’, but how do people find the time to have a full time job and still have the time to do the stupid stuff that needs to get done? I mean just to deal with the monthly bills, the shopping, the housekeeping, the yard work, the basics- It can’t be done! It’s insane!

OK truth be told, we’re trying to tie up loose ends here and get things squared away for the future and that takes time! For example, I’m trying to get out house ready for vacation rental and it needs some updating. Our 33 foot sailboat needed annual work and it costs money for every day it is in the boat yard. I’m trying to deal with some of the financial mess from 2007 still and that takes time. Between all these things, who has time for a job?

I know, that sounds pretty snotty. But in a way, there’s a lesson here. In our case, the income I would receive from a 40 hour gig would be negatively offset by the loss of income from the other expenses that I failed to conclude. For example, the boat yard charges $400 per month for storage. The loss of vacation rental income could be $1,000 or more a month. The ultimate cost for avoiding dealing past business could be in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS between lost investments and the IRS.

Right now, that really pales in comparison to the income I can generate currently.

Sometimes, spending the time to close one door opens the door for another opportunity. I believe wrapping up these things and being a finisher will ultimately allow us to live simpler, with a lower overhead, and ultimately be able to save more money. Right now, however, it’s all about wrapping up the loose ends.

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